Inside Gordman’s HCM Revolution
Inside Gordman’s HCM Revolution

At Gordmans, managing the transition from spreadsheet scheduling to SaaS-based WFM was less about systems than it was about collaboration and processes.

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  • Innovation In 2016: Driving The Customer Experience
    Innovation In 2016: Driving The Customer Experience

    As 2016 gets underway, retailers must be well past the point of retail-as-usual. We’re in an industry in transition, and, as such, I’d like to share some transformative trends that innovators will leverage to shape customer engagement in 2016.

  • Investing In A 3-Layer Location Cake
    Investing In A 3-Layer Location Cake

    To enhance the customer experience and win the sale, retailers must develop a comprehensive three-part strategy that relies on the customer’s location inside and outside of the store.

  • Top 5 Trends In Asset Protection Technology
    Top 5 Trends In Asset Protection Technology

    The Retail Industry Leaders Association’s (RILA’s) emerging technology committee identifies five of the most futuristic trends, cutting-edge technologies, and how to create a culture of innovation in the workplace.

  • Order Management: The Backbone Of Omni-Channel
    Order Management: The Backbone Of Omni-Channel

    We’re moving rapidly toward an all-out revolution at the POS. A throw-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater, wholesale rip-and-replace of the transaction systems we’ve known since the advents of POS, ERP (enterprise resource planning), and e-commerce.

  • The 2016 CIO: Sharp Curves Ahead
    The 2016 CIO: Sharp Curves Ahead

    Between EMV, data security, and omni-channel integration, retail CIOs will see no reprieve from disruption in 2016.

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Winning The Battle For The Omni-Channel Share Of Wallet: How Are Small To Midsize Retailers Doing? Mobile Is An Innovation Imperative - The Digitization Of The Shopper's Journey Omni-Channel: Shoppers' Expectations, Retailers' Responsibilities
SMR Supplement Retail Mobility Omni-Channel Retail Supplement
SMRs must tout that they are on par with Tier 1 retailers regarding cost and innovation so they can adapt as the customer evolves. Retailers must put the shopping journey and its delivery via mobile at the forefront of customer-facing strategic initiatives. Consumers’ growing acceptance of mobile commerce and high expectations for seamless shopping and fulfillment experiences are putting unprecedented pressure on retailers to perform.

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  • Breaking Down The Methodology Behind Price Optimization And Becoming A Price Expert
    Breaking Down The Methodology Behind Price Optimization And Becoming A Price Expert

    According to a 2015 study from RSR Research, 60% of retailers consider price optimization “very valuable” but only 34% of retailers have deployed a solution and are satisfied with the results. It’s taken more than 15 years for the industry to come around to this thinking, and as more retailers choose to deploy a pricing solution, they must keep in mind that pricing is a process and one that can be critical to organization’s success or failure.

  • Predictive Analytics Brings Retailers Closer To Omni-Channel Customers
    Predictive Analytics Brings Retailers Closer To Omni-Channel Customers

    If you’re a retailer reading this in 2016, you need to pad yourself on the back! Based on the amount of retailers that have been forced to shut their doors in 2015 alone, there is a major shift that is moving through the retail industry at full force.

  • The Profitability Of Proactivity In LP
    The Profitability Of Proactivity In LP

    Anyone who has worked with me in my organizations know that I am all about developing a proactive loss prevention/asset protection program and effectively deploying it for successful shrink reduction. 

  • Analytics, Mobile Payments, EMV To Dominate NRF 2016
    Analytics, Mobile Payments, EMV To Dominate NRF 2016

    Tens of thousands of retailers from all over the globe are making their final plans for the annual pilgrimage to the NRF BIG Show this January 17-20 in New York. As we finalize our own plans to host as many of them as possible in booth 3530, we’ve been thinking about what’s most important for merchants of all shapes and sizes.

  • Why Do Retailers Struggle To Optimize Business Intelligence Returns?
    Why Do Retailers Struggle To Optimize Business Intelligence Returns?

    Due to the rapid emergence of technology, touchpoints along the customer journey have spread far beyond the physical store. Now, retailers are tasked with aligning their operations in order to create an enhanced experience. Such an evolution has placed a strain on each of the functions within a retail operation — including marketing, operations, finance, business development, merchandising, etc.

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  • How Video-Based BI Drives Profitability

    Dan Cremins, global leader of product management at March Networks, talks to Innovative Retail Technologies about the importance of video-based business intelligence on the retail industry. He also provides tips on how to determine whether cloud is best for video surveillance.

  • Flexible, Mobile Ready Solutions For The Luxury Watch Marketplace

    Selling luxury watches online requires a sophisticated design that supports branding strategy and brand commitment in the best way possible. Customers buying watches in the luxury price segment also have high expectations regarding the seller’s expertise and service delivery. Offering a unique and secure shopping experience in combination with a personal, extensive service portfolio was therefore crucial when relaunching the CHRONEXT marketplace.

  • The Fusion Of Content And Commerce: Providing Shopping Experiences For Tomorrow’s Customers

    Customers are demanding, well connected and informed. Thus, brands and merchants must increasingly focus on providing their customers and prospects an entertaining, inspiring and efficient shopping experience or risk losing business. In a world where retail giant Amazon is eating up more and more market share and even popular brands are becoming commoditized in the process, experience-led commerce is one of the most promising strategies to achieve differentiation, recognition and drive new customer sales.

  • Justin’s Field Activation Team Spreads Brand Awareness

    Justin’s®, a nut butter and peanut butter cup manufacturer, uses GoSpotCheck to run its field activation team, collect data points surrounding demos and evaluate product launches.

  • Mobile Access To Retail Video Is Finally Practical

    Over the past several years, mobile clients such as smartphone and tablet apps have become a common method to access video on DVRs and video cameras. Most video recorders or video recording software is accompanied by an app which, along with some configuration on site, can be used to access live or recorded video.

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  • Retalon

    Retalon is a leading provider of Retail Predictive Analytics solutions for Retailers. Retalon is a transformational approach to the retail industry. From inception, our solutions were built on an integrated analytic platform that takes into account the entire retail business process which produces the highest accuracy possible. Our predictive analytics technology empowered retail businesses with advanced analytics that uncover hidden opportunities, and significantly increase bottom and top lines.

  • SATO America
    SATO America

    Today, SATO continues its tradition of designing and manufacturing high-quality industrial printers that deliver reliable performance with each print job.

  • GoSpotCheck

    GoSpotCheck streamlines the data collection process by saving reps time in the field and giving management a powerful, easy-to-digest reporting dashboard. Our customers, ranging from startups to Fortune 50 market leaders, use GoSpotCheck’s mobile data collection every day to get actionable insights from their data and improve retail execution.

  • GoECart

    GoECart provides a complete software suite that enables SMB merchants to manage all aspects of omni-channel commerce—from an award-winning ecommerce platform, enterprise-class order management, inventory management, and in-store POS to marketing, merchandising, online marketplaces, fulfillment and customer service. GoECart eliminates technology and integration hassles, allowing businesses to run better and grow faster. Appropriately named “GoECart 360,” the suite helps retailers sell more efficiently across ALL major customer touch points.

  • Avalara

    Avalara is a leading provider of sales tax automation software, helping businesses achieve compliance related to sales tax, VAT, excise tax, and other indirect taxes.

  • March Networks
    March Networks

    At March Networks, we believe in simple, easy-to-use video surveillance systems that help retailers decrease losses and increase profits.

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  • Role Reversal: Amazon Opens Stores, Merchants Open Marketplaces
    Role Reversal: Amazon Opens Stores, Merchants Open Marketplaces

    Amazon is neither confirming nor denying the swirl of rumors about its plans to add more physical stores on the heels of the Seattle brick-and-mortar location it opened in 2015. In early February, some insiders were throwing numbers like 400 around, while others have since shared more conservative estimates. If one thing is certain, it’s that the well-heeled company could grow its physical presence if it chose to. Physical stores could go a long way toward building the brand. Amazon has already mastered the science of digital personalization, and with the right people in its stores, the human experience could strengthen its customer-centric prowess.

What Surprised Me At NRF?
What’s jumping out at you on the show floor? Has anything surprised you? What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen? It’s a question I’m invariably asked in one form or another a few dozen times at the NRF BIG Show and at least 100 times in the weeks following. When I answer honestly, I simply reply that if anything surprises me at NRF, I haven’t been doing my job for the other 362 days of the year.
It’s Time To RISE: A Recap Of One Of Retail’s Newest And Best Events

The 2016 NRF BIG Show may be in the rear-view mirror, but the countless data attendees gathered before, during, and after the show will help retailers improve their businesses in 2016 and beyond. I had the pleasure of attending a few pre-NRF events, including RISE (Retailer Innovation & Shopper Expertise Symposium) held The Gansevoort Park Avenue. RISE’s tagline, “to unite the most experienced, accomplished, and respected leaders in the industry … and to celebrate the future of retail, diversity, and innovation,” exceeded expectations.

Why Omni-Channel Isn’t Ready For Retirement

Retail Systems Research (RSR) analyst Nikki Baird wrote a great column for last week’s issue of RSR’s Retail Paradox Weekly. In her post, she predicts 2016 will be a breakout year for consumer-held mobile retail apps, that the term omni-channel will continue to fall out of favor, and that the IoT will prove a disruptive force on retail this year.

What To Expect At The 2016 NRF BIG Show

The 2016 NRF BIG Show is within reach, and you’re probably just as excited as we are to see what the event has in store.

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  • RSR’s NRF Post-Show Debrief

    During RSR’s 4th Annual Post-NRF BIG Show Debrief webinar, Managing Partners Brian Kilcourse, Nikki Baird, Steve Rowen, and Paula Rosenblum present what they uncovered at the 2016 NRF BIG Show.

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eTail West February 22 - 25, 2016
Palm Springs, CA
Retail Supply Chain Conference 2016 February 28, 2016 - March 2, 2016
Dallas, TX
Last Mile Fulfilment March 3 - 4, 2016
Bronto Summit March 14 - 17, 2016
Miami, FL
Next Generation Customer Experience March 21 - 23, 2016
Carlsbad, CA
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  • SATO S84/86-ex Series High Performance Print Engines
    SATO S84/86-ex Series High Performance Print Engines

    Maximize productivity for 24/7 mission critical applications. SATO's flagship print engines are used by the world's best print and apply systems.

  • Retail Planning
    Retail Planning

    Retalon Planning Solutions are part of one Integrated Solution for Intelligent Retailing that is based on the common Predictive Analytic Platform. This allows the system to account for all mutual dependences of the company Planning and Execution processes, provide users with very high accuracy of each prediction, optimize the entire process, and achieve significant, tangible benefits for the entire organization.

  • SATO GY412 Printer
    SATO GY412 Printer

    A direct thermal printer that simultaneously prints on both sides of a label; the printer has 2 thermal print heads. The thermal label media is coated on both sides using thermal technology.

  • SATO TH2 Portable Retail Printer
    SATO TH2 Portable Retail Printer

    Portable, Handy, Smart. The TH2 direct thermal 2" standalone printer is truly revolutionary. Designed for portability and functionality, the battery-operated TH2 allows users to print text, graphics, linear and 2D barcodes in high resolution. With its built-in keypad, there's no need for a PC.

  • EmpowerOne

    EmpowerOne puts the power of communication, collaboration, and celebration int he hands of everyone in the organization with all the configuration and security that enterprises require. 

  • SATO Thermal Transfer Ribbons
    SATO Thermal Transfer Ribbons

    SATO offers competitively priced ribbons for most thermal printers. Our genuine SATO branded ribbons are designed to maximize the life of your print heads and consistently provide great print quality.

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