Cross-Channel Executive Commentary

  1. How 2017 Will Challenge And Reward Retailers

    Cooler temperatures, seasonal hiring, and final preparations for the holiday shopping season are upon us. Before we know it, the headlines and water cooler conversations will evolve from this year’s holiday sales to what the New Year will bring.

  2. Amazon Isn’t Destroying Your Brand’s Value. You Are.

    Amazon continues to dominate e-commerce, and e-commerce continues to dominate change in the world of retail.  In addition, within the last 4 to 6 months, there appears to be a tipping point representing e-commerce’s dramatic and everlasting impact on retail. Without a strong brand, e-commerce business, and strategy, many retailers, like Sports Chalet, are driven out of the market.

  3. 6 Drivers In Restructuring Retail ITO Relationships

    The last several years have ushered in a seismic, technology led transformation in retail industries.  Retail leaders are using technology to reimagine the traditional concept of the storefront as just one aspect of the omni-channel customer experience.  As retail and CPG IT needs have changed, so have supporting technologies led by mobility, cloud, analytics, and cybersecurity.

  4. The Sales Associate: The Modern Retailer’s Secret Weapon

    The hallmark of today’s retail reality, borne of and accelerated by technology-empowered consumers, is choice. It’s why deepening brand loyalty is the greatest imperative for retailers who are looking for every edge in creating relationships with customers that cement their products’ place in peoples’ lives. 

  5. Experience Vs. Vision: Finding Retail’s Sweet Spot

    A retailer’s three-step process to better managing fulfillment.

  6. The Need For Speed: Leveraging Cloud-based Platforms For Retail Innovation

    The Need for Speed: Leveraging Cloud-based Platforms for Retail Innovation. A Q&A with Victoria Livschitz, Founder and CTO of Grid Dynamics, and Ferhat Hatay, Senior Manager of Strategy and Innovation at Fujitsu.

  7. Increase Revenue And Performance With Retail Analytics

    In today’s competitive retail environment, customers expect more from retailers than ever before — product information, relevant promotions, visibility into inventory — and online channels have created additional pressures to offer low prices and unparalleled customer experiences.

  8. Using Distributed Order Management To Grow Sales

    Consumer buying behaviors and expectations have changed in recent years.  Buyers have access to more information and the ability to locate products across multiple channels.  A shopper often researches physical and digital channels before making a purchase.  This makes it more difficult for sellers to manage and predict when and where the final sale will occur.

  9. What Your Kid’s Video Game Can Teach You About Your Business

    Seeing people on smartphones is nothing new, but by you’ve likely seen lots of folks — most of them pretty young — wandering around parks, shopping centers, libraries, and campuses staring intently at their screens. It’s all thanks to Pokemon GO, the augmented reality game that burst onto the scene in a way we haven’t seen in a long time.

  10. Omnichannel And The Importance Of Technology

    The term “omnichannel” emerged and was promptly adopted by individuals across the retail landscape – organization leaders, influencers, reporters, and beyond. At this point, however, the word has no place in the industry. Why? Because shopping is a singular experience with various touchpoints. Your customers, in all honesty, don’t care about the concept of omnichannel – they merely want seamlessness.