Cross-Channel Executive Commentary

  1. Breaking Down The Methodology Behind Price Optimization And Becoming A Price Expert

    According to a 2015 study from RSR Research, 60% of retailers consider price optimization “very valuable” but only 34% of retailers have deployed a solution and are satisfied with the results. It’s taken more than 15 years for the industry to come around to this thinking, and as more retailers choose to deploy a pricing solution, they must keep in mind that pricing is a process and one that can be critical to organization’s success or failure.

  2. Predictive Analytics Brings Retailers Closer To Omni-Channel Customers

    If you’re a retailer reading this in 2016, you need to pad yourself on the back! Based on the amount of retailers that have been forced to shut their doors in 2015 alone, there is a major shift that is moving through the retail industry at full force.

  3. Why Do Retailers Struggle To Optimize Business Intelligence Returns?

    Due to the rapid emergence of technology, touchpoints along the customer journey have spread far beyond the physical store. Now, retailers are tasked with aligning their operations in order to create an enhanced experience. Such an evolution has placed a strain on each of the functions within a retail operation — including marketing, operations, finance, business development, merchandising, etc.

  4. An Effective Order Management System Is A Must For Ecommerce Success In 2016

    A robust order and inventory management system is essential for omni-channel commerce today. Without a powerful system, one that supports “the buy anywhere, fulfill from anywhere and return anywhere” strategy, your business isn’t going to succeed.

  5. Is Location-Based Delivery Right for Your Business?

    Many companies are strategizing to develop on demand products and services to their customers. Some major players like Amazon are creating their own services; others are using existing services such as Uber and Postmates to facilitate deliveries. But does the addition of location-based delivery make sense for all businesses?

  6. Take The Guesswork Out Of Retail Social Media Marketing

    Many retailers have come to realize that social media marketing can be a very powerful tool to help monetize social and grow their businesses. Unfortunately, many organizations piece together various social commerce offering from different vendors.

  7. Selecting The Right Payment Architecture For Omnichannel Engagement

    For retailers, the payment process is a critical part of their interaction with the shopper — and the focal point of the shopper’s in-store omnichannel experience. It touches everything from concerns over card security and shopper privacy, to the length of the checkout line.

  8. Beyond Payments: Increasing ROI Of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    Growth is expected, as retailers have found that mPOS delivers valuable line-busting, encourages greater customer-associate interaction, provides add-on sales opportunities and offers a convenient platform for customer relationship management and loyalty programs. Each of these benefits enhances the customer experience and can drive increased sales.

  9. Why Ad Blocking Is A Bigger Problem (And Opportunity) Than You Think

    For the longest time, free mobile app and content providers had an unwritten agreement with the public, through which they would allow consumers to use an app or consume content for free, in exchange for being presented with advertisements.

  10. Leveraging The Social Web To Boost Sales

    Social sharing is now a major driver of online commerce, thanks to widgets that let customers share, like, and tweet content across their own networks. Enabling social sharing provides your business with free branding and endorsements, customer engagement opportunities and most important, increased sales.