Cross-Channel Executive Commentary

  1. Omnichannel Retailing – Recipe For Success

    I recently read a report by Happiest Minds that listed the ingredients needed for the perfect retail order.  The list included items like stock availability, timely delivery, perfect quantity, right packaging and correct invoicing.  While each ingredient might seem basic, in reality it takes a team of experts to execute each component flawlessly.

  2. Price Wars Are Not The Answer: Win Over Customers Without Competing On Price

    Between the numerous price check apps in the market and the fact that there are plenty of retailers selling the same products, it’s easy to see why many merchants get into price wars, flash sales, and outrageous discounts to entice shoppers.

  3. Adapting Retail DCs To Support Omni-Channel Fulfillment

    This is the second in a three-part series of articles describing how retailers can adapt their fulfillment and returns processes to address omni-channel needs using Mobile Work Execution software which complements existing information systems. This article focuses on DC-based processes while the third and final article will discuss in-store processes.

  4. Technology Changes The Game, But Not The Players

    Cash registers used to only do what their namesake denotes —register cash. Now, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cash register in a leading retail environment that only operates as a money till. In its place you’ll find sophisticated POS systems that not only process sales transactions, but also manage inventory, recognize customer loyalty programs and incentives, and other important business line and back-office functions.

  5. Owning The New Customer Journey In The Digital Era

    Being a retailer in today’s digital marketplace has become an extreme sport. Challenges abound with digital technologies continuing to transform the consumers shopping experience and driving retailers to relentlessly rethink and reshape their businesses. 

  6. Retail Apps Aren’t Just For Shopping: Three Ways That Stores Are Putting Efficiency In Their Employees’ Hands

    In the next few years, technologies like Bluetooth SMART, RFID tags, and the Internet of Things are really going to transform the in-store shopping experience into a mobile-integrated information extravaganza.

  7. Retailers Beware: Fake Omnichannel Is Real

    “Omnichannel” is a hot buzzword in many industries, so it’s no surprise that so many commerce-related software vendors have draped their offerings with an omnichannel cloak. At the same time, many businesses think they can easily provide an omnichannel brand experience with their existing systems, when in fact they’re stuck in the fomni world.

  8. Championing Video-Based Intelligence In Your Organization

    How security and loss prevention professionals can guide the company toward increased profitability through more wide-scale video adoption.

  9. The Missing Link In Omni-Channel Fulfillment: Mobile Work Execution

    For success in omni-channel retailers have to deliver the right product at the right time, through multiple channels, at the best possible cost. This places all-new demands on stores as fulfillment and return points, and creates new pressures on distribution centers (DCs) to adapt their existing fulfillment and returns processes. Many retailers are meeting the challenge through manual work-arounds that are unsustainable. This three-part series will focus on how retailers can optimize and evolve manual processes, both in the DC and in-store, using Mobile Work Execution solutions.

  10. How Clienteling Improves the In-Store Experience

    Today’s customers expect retailers to be able to provide them with a highly personalized omnichannel shopping experience based on who they are and their shopping and buying habits and history.