Cross Channel Magazine

  1. The New Currency Of ROI

    Return on investment calculations are integral to tech and operations expenditure decisions. They inform strategy, give us benchmarks to guide implementation and execution, help us stay accountable to goals, and provide the finance department with budget assurance.

  2. Inspiration From Chocolate-Fueled Innovation

    A Q&A With Matt Pillar & Lina Yang I Director, Hershey’s Advanced Technology & Foresight Lab

  3. Breaking All The Retail Rules

    Why is Hointer’s Nadia Shouraboura so hell-bent on bringing big changes to the in-store experience?

  4. Upping The E-Commerce Pet Supply Ante

    Trading partner management software enables a broader selection of merchandise and minimizes order exceptions at PetFlow.

  5. Inside Best Buy Canada’s New Marketplace Initiative

    How Best Buy Canada is letting its customers define their experience with the brand and expanding its e-commerce market share along the way.

  6. Business Intelligence For Everyone

    A burgeoning retail brand gains command of its niche with a multidisciplinary BI application.

  7. Converging Physical And Digital Worlds

    As the lines between physical and digital retail continue to blur, savvy retailers are implementing ways to provide seamless, any-channel shopping experiences.

  8. BI Drives Big Benefits For Oberweis Dairy

    The application of sophisticated analytics in several departments breathes new life into a nearly century-old regional retailer.

  9. Wrigleyville Sports Hits Inventory Visibility Home Run

    By shifting its core business operations to a cloud-based single unified platform, this specialty retailer achieved inventory visibility, expanded its fulfillment offerings, and improved the customer experience.

  10. Omni-Channel: Taking Time, Money, Commitment, And Technology

    RSR and RVCF explain how true omni-channel retailing requires time, money, and technology and why predictive analytics and accurate measurement are critical to growth.