Cross Channel Magazine

  1. The Many Forms Of Innovation

    Innovation happens in real time, in real stores, and when it fails, it fails fast and cheap by design.

  2. Omni-Channel: Shoppers’ Expectations, Retailers’ Responsibilities

    Consumers’ high expectations for seamless shopping and fulfillment experiences are putting unprecedented pressure on retailers to perform.

  3. The Minds Behind Neiman Marcus’ Digital Merchandising

    How an iconic retailer’s innovation lab vets the popular yet pragmatic customer-facing technology it ultimately deploys to stores.

  4. Defining Innovation With The Customer Experience

    Dave Finnegan is one of the retail industry’s best and brightest CIOs, as he’s known for his technical and business acumen as well as his appreciation for innovation.

  5. Big Growth Ahead For Global E-Commerce

    Logistics experts are bullish on the value of pursuing global markets, and they’re building solutions to help retailers get there.

  6. Automation Key For The Omni-Channel SMR

    An inventory and order management system helped a specialty retailer automate its processes and strengthen its mom-and-pop personal appeal.

  7. Order Fulfillment Meets Personalization

    Adore Me grew its revenue more than 300% in 2014, in part from the help of its new distribution and logistics provider.

  8. Start-Ups: Bringing Innovation To Retail

    Seasoned, traditional solutions providers, beware. As part of their omni-channel offering, retailers are implementing innovative technologies developed by start-ups to deliver a streamlined customer experience.

  9. The Customer Experience Or A Customer Experience?

    As a retail marketer/merchandiser — or at least, as a retail professional with a huge stake in the marketing/ merchandising game — would you rather create an amazing experience for a customer or an amazing experience for your customers? The idealist within all of us would likely answer an obvious both.

  10. Three Keys To The Mobile Consumer: Strategy, Preparation, And Adoption

    As retailers struggle to execute their own mobile strategies, consumers aren’t waiting around. Here’s how to catch up with — and capitalize on — the smartphone’s influence.