Cross Channel Magazine

  1. IRT Is The New ISR

    Our name is new, but the concept that precedes it is not. Long before we made the decision to rebrand, we began a concerted effort, driven by Executive Editor Erin Harris, to challenge our story subjects, our editorial contributors, and ourselves to push the innovation envelope.

  2. Mobile Is An Innovation Imperative - The Digitization Of The Shopper’s Journey

    Retailers must put the shopping journey and its delivery via mobile at the forefront of customer-facing strategic initiatives.

  3. The Hard Road To Innovation

    No one said innovation is easy, but understanding what innovation is — and what it isn’t — can improve margins.

  4. Changing The STORY: Breathing New Life Into The Customer Experience

    The recipe for a top-notch customer experience includes the right mix of technology and an empowered workforce.

  5. Streamline Store Ops In The Cloud

    101-store Canadian retailer Showcase replaced several disparate task management solutions — including email and Excel — with a SaaS-based store operations center.

  6. GameStop Breaks New Ground With Beacons

    An innovative deployment of beacons in nearly 150 test-market stores delivers an education in best practices at the GameStop Technology Institute.

  7. Alton Lane Brings Innovation To Omni-Channel

    Tailored apparel retailer Alton Lane combines classic, oldschool, high-touch retailing with innovative technologies and practices to deliver a next-gen, omni-channel customer experience that yields a 96% conversion rate.

  8. Lilly Pulitzer Masters The Art, Science Of Social Media

    Vivacious daily designs are Lilly Pulitzer’s social calling card, and they’re driving rich data to company marketers.

  9. Personalization, Mobilization, And The Fight To Not Be Creepy

    I know you really like chocolate. Heck, you ate $10 dollars worth last Saturday. So because I value you and put you first above all others, I went ahead and filled a basket with nothing but chocolate. Don’t worry; I have coupons, and I’ll use the credit card you used last Thursday. I’ll meet you by your car, unless you want me to just meet you at your house.

  10. Ulta Beauty’s Quest For The Ultimate Omni-Channel Experience

    Almost two years after an intensive e-commerce upgrade, Ulta Beauty is making steady progress toward its goal of reaching 10% of total sales via the Internet — a major milestone in the cosmetics segment.