Marketing Ops Magazine

  1. Understanding The Impact Of Weather On Retail Sales

    Because everyone plans around the weather, understanding Mother Nature can help the retailer’s bottom line.

  2. Get Smart About Smartphones

    Location-based services help retailers understand the relationship between customers, their phones, and their purchases.

  3. Managing A Labor Budget Turns Into Real Savings

    The retail grocery industry is more labor intensive than many other retail verticals. Efficiently managing and scheduling this labor force can represent significant cost and time savings for the retailer. By Bob Johns, Integrated Solutions For Retailers magazine

  4. Price Management In A Struggling Economy

    Innovative price management strategies are helping retailers present consistency and transparency to the consumer.

  5. Walmart Sets The Bar For Green LP

    Senior members of the Walmart LP team have embraced the company’s aggressive sustainability goals, demonstrating that smarter LP sourcing and design can have a measurable impact.

  6. Where Have All The Insights Gone?

    Take a loss prevention approach to data management.

  7. Retail Management Enables Scalable Growth

    A new retail management system allowed AT&T Product Center to reach its goal of increasing the number of stores from 5 to 21.

  8. The Loyalty Mandate

    Loyalty versus relevancy — which is more important for retailers in 2012?

  9. Time And Attendance For A Wireless World

    Wireless timeclocks have both rewards and risks for employers.

  10. HVAC Control Yields Savings

    Statistics show 39% of your rooftop HVAC units are likely to be malfunctioning. Correcting the problem can save big money on your energy expense.