Supply Chain Logistics Magazine

  1. Ace Hardware’s IT Overhaul

    SAP replaced 25-year-old homegrown legacy systems at Ace Hardware Corporation, improving the efficiency of business users and the IT department.

  2. New Considerations In Sourcing Strategy

    Sustainability and changing consumer shopping habits are just two of the giant trends forcing change in the way you manage supplier relationships.

  3. Retail Supply Chain Outlook 2012

    According to Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), this year’s outlook for sourcing, transportation, and supply chain management is one of sustained recovery.

  4. Be Brilliant: Optimize Business Processes With Integrated Business Intelligence

    Retailers achieve real, attainable objectives through the proper use of business intelligence.

  5. The Smartphone’s Limited Supply Chain Impact

    Smartphone proliferation is driving a new breed of touch- and application-driven mobile supply chain devices. Beyond that, their impact is negligible.

  6. Create A Synchronized Cross-Channel Customer Experience

    Here’s the cross-channel checklist necessary to meet your customer’s needs.

  7. On-Demand Sourcing: Helping Suppliers Succeed In Today’s Economy

    The global economy is becoming increasingly complicated. Unfortunately, the economic recovery currently under way is proving to be shaky at best, making matters worse when considering the importance of accuracy in demand forecasting. By Mary Kleespies, DiCentral Corporation

  8. Speedy Sales And Fast Fulfillment

    Gilt Groupe, which processes 30,000 peak-season shipments per day, relies on self-service Web technology to manage inbound and outbound logistics.

  9. 2012 Supply Chain Special Report

    For the second year in a row, we're pleased to bring you our Supply Chain Special Report. Again this year, we've partnered with the best of the best in supply chain management — Auburn University and VCF. Our experts identify the biggest challenges facing retail supply chain executives and provide insight into how leading retailers will deal with these challenges in the post-recovery reality.

  10. Ralph Lauren Pioneers International TMS

    A transportation management system test run with just 16 of its 400 major trading partners saved the retailer $50,000 in transportation costs over four weeks. With 97% on board today, big savings are on the horizon.