Matt Pillar

Matt Pillar

Matt Pillar is the senior executive editor at Innovative Retail Technologies.


  • Customer Service And The Repercussions Of Ignorance

    In the information age, it’s easy to listen to your customers .... It’s equally easy for your competition to listen to what your customers are saying about you.

  • The New Conversation In Retail Commerce

    Conversational commerce is coming of age, and it’s being powered by a simple, inexpensive chatbot that virtually anyone can use.

  • The Business Case For Better Batteries

    Lost productivity, inventory inaccuracy, and social irresponsibility are just a few of the sins associated with bad mobile device battery management.

  • Smarter Pricing, Bigger Profit

    Price transparency is putting pressure on merchants to get strategic and granular about how they manage prices and drive profits.

  • Watch, Click, Buy: Video Commerce Will Change Retail Forever

    Move over, product placement. Soon, retailers won’t just be promoting products on TV shows; they’ll be selling them there.

  • Cabela’s Journey To Packaging Perfection

    An on-demand packaging system helped the “world’s foremost outfitter” achieve 30+ percent productivity gains and significantly reduce packaging consumption.

  • From Multi-Channel To Any Channel

    How the nation’s largest specialty bicycle retailer is unifying its sales channels through a systems and operations overhaul.

  • Whose Recruiting Playbook Did You Steal?

    In our July issue, we ran a story (A Fresh Perspective On Associate Engagement), that offered up some timely advice on the hiring and retention of millennial and Gen Z associates. That Q&A with Todd Corley, Founder And Head of the TAPO Institute, got me thinking about just how incestuous the retail recruiting and hiring process really is.

  • Think You Know Retail Tech?

    Our 2016 Retail Tech Spending Report left no doubt that this would be a big year for mobile device adoption, wireless networking infrastructure improvements, and the advance of cloud computing. Will those trends continue into 2017? We’ll need a few minutes of your time to find out.

  • Study Demonstrates EMV’s Protection Of Consumers

    Mexico has a longstanding reputation for being a safe haven of fraud. Further south in Brazil, international press coverage of Rio’s stint in the international Olympic limelight has been tinged with stories about that country’s undesirable fraudsters. According to new research from ACI Worldwide and Aite Group, those reputations aren’t without merit. According to the study, 2016 Global Consumer Card Fraud: Where Card Fraud Is Coming From, 56 percent of consumers in Mexico experienced card fraud in 2015. Just shy of half of Brazilian consumers were victims of the crime.