Matt Pillar

Matt Pillar

Matt Pillar is the senior executive editor at Innovative Retail Technologies.


  • NRF 2017: Is Virtual Really The New Reality?

    The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas typically serves as a precursor to the consumerist technologies that will filter into enterprise retail—and therefore be on full display at the NRF BIG Show—by the following year.  So it goes that the virtual and augmented reality demonstrations that stole the show at CES 2016 last January were spiffed up with an enterprise twist and littered throughout the Javits Center at the NRF event last week.

  • Survival Of The Innovative

    I’ve written a couple of recent columns about the potential Trump effect on trade and taxes for U.S. retailers. These are topics that you should be on top of. Despite the fact that they’re out of your immediate control, you can, and of course should, make your voice heard. In the NRF and RILA, the retail industry has a solid lobbying presence in D.C. The strong representation of a collective industry is prerequisite to influence. If you don’t like what you see coming, join them, and fight city hall.

  • Everyday Innovation

    Every issue of Innovative Retail Technologies features case studies on retailers’ technology and operations success. This particular issue is jam-packed with them. There are 30 stories on proven retail innovation on these pages, in fact. In addition to our regularly scheduled case study programming on the crosschannel, in-store, and loss prevention initiatives at Clarks and Petland, we’ve published briefs on the 2016 Retailer Innovation Awards winners and finalists on pages 7-16.

  • EMV: Much Done, Much More To Do

    As we head into year two of the great EMV migration, here’s a look at where we’ve been — and where EMV will take us next.

  • Magic Mirror, On The Wall

    Why the fitting room might become the epicienter of customer engagement in apparel retailing.

  • Petland’s Innovative Approach To POS

    An intriguing decision to let its VP of finance lead a POS overhaul ensured the project’s success.

  • Unexpected Opportunities At The NRF BIG Show

    I make a good part of my living talking to retail professionals about their IT and operations initiatives. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed hundreds, if not thousands of interviews with retail execs. Whenever we’re discussing projects that involved specific retail solutions providers and vendors, I’m sure to ask those execs how their relationships with those vendors came to pass.

  • Trump On Trade: Will Retail Take A Hit?

    Throughout the presidential campaign, president-elect Donald Trump stuck to a seven-point trade platform that included, in brief, the following talking points...

  • Will Trump Be Good For Retail?

    President-Elect Donald Trump’s candidacy has left precisely zero room for indifference. Safely assuming you’ve had a pulse and a brain for the past 18 months, you’ve undoubtedly formed opinions about the man. It’s also safe to assume that many of those opinions are derived from his remarks on social and humanitarian issues. For the purposes of this column, forgive me for setting those aside. Let’s take an objective look at two of his proposals—immigration and tax reform—that might directly impact the business of retail.

  • Transparency And Consumer Trust

    The public’s distrust of has never been on more clear display than it has this election cycle. Unfortunately for those who sell to the public, it’s a sentiment that’s contagious.