Matt Pillar

Matt Pillar

Matt Pillar is the senior executive editor at Innovative Retail Technologies.


  • Trump On Trade: Will Retail Take A Hit?

    Throughout the presidential campaign, president-elect Donald Trump stuck to a seven-point trade platform that included, in brief, the following talking points...

  • Will Trump Be Good For Retail?

    President-Elect Donald Trump’s candidacy has left precisely zero room for indifference. Safely assuming you’ve had a pulse and a brain for the past 18 months, you’ve undoubtedly formed opinions about the man. It’s also safe to assume that many of those opinions are derived from his remarks on social and humanitarian issues. For the purposes of this column, forgive me for setting those aside. Let’s take an objective look at two of his proposals—immigration and tax reform—that might directly impact the business of retail.

  • Transparency And Consumer Trust

    The public’s distrust of has never been on more clear display than it has this election cycle. Unfortunately for those who sell to the public, it’s a sentiment that’s contagious.

  • Mobile Guidance For Store-Level Fulfillment

    Legacy approaches to the management of store associates’ tasks aren’t conducive to the new omni-channel reality.

  • Where Omni-Channel Retail And WFM Collide

    Innovative retailers are recalibrating in-store workforce management to meet growing omni-channel demand.

  • Cracking The Omni-Channel Customer Code

    How modern commerce platforms are bridging the digital/physical retail divide

  • Personalization Drives Clicks, Conversion At Office Depot

    Office Depot subsidiary Viking reduced its customers’ time on site while doubling click-through rates and driving conversion beyond 50 percent.

  • E-Commerce In 2017: The Maturation Of Omni-Channel

    Despite inventory visibility and customer experience management falling into place, merchants face legacy challenges to true omni-channel.

  • Retail Tech Spending 2017: A Quest For The Complete Customer Experience

    Our annual, wide-ranging subscriber survey reveals the technologies that will drive retail in 2017, and customer experience is king.

  • Drive Your Own Holiday Sales Gains

    Gallup says last month’s consumer spending marked the highest on post-recession record. True, “post-recession” doesn’t give us much of a backlog from which to mark historical sales records. But, the $91 per day that Gallup says Americans spent in September 2016 is a gigantic leap from the paltry $59 average daily September spending we saw in 2010. Consider that in September 2008, when we were on the verge of financial meltdown but not yet in the felt throes of it, consumers spent $99 per day on average in September.