Newsletter | August 8, 2013

08.08.13 -- July's Top 5: Featuring Yum! Brands, bebe, And Northern Tool And Equipment

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August 2013 ISR Digital Edition
When entrepreneurs launch a business, the most plentiful resource they typically have on hand is unsolicited advice. I know from experience that the majority of this advice goes unheeded. Perhaps it’s remembered, but it’s usually forced by the spirit of the entrepreneurial ego into the "does not apply to me, I have this figured out" file.

For start-up retailers and established retail businesses alike, much of the unsolicited advice you receive is no doubt IT/operations-related, and you should trust your gut that most of it’s bad. You should fire all your cashiers, rip out all your POS lanes, and install self-checkout. You should hire all your cashiers back, rip out all your self-checkout lanes, and buy iPads for the POS. You should abandon brick-and-mortar retailing altogether. Let it all ride on the Internet.

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July's 5 Most Viewed Features
How Yum! Brands Is Bringing Customers Back
A Midwestern Yum! Brands franchisee with 43 KFC and Taco Bell franchises is ringing up more sales and keeping customers coming back with a new high-speed network.
How bebe Fast-Tracked The Omni-Channel Odyssey
bebe was building cross-channel inventory prioritization algorithms and CRM data visibility before "cross-channel" was cool. In a recent sit-down with CIO Hamid Mashouf, we got some insight into where bebe is headed next.
The Secret To E-Commerce Profitability
If you're an e-commerce merchant, you might think that profitability lies in the ability to sell more products, grow revenue, and provide your customers with the ability to get to the items they're interested in and purchase them as quickly as possible. The real secret to e-commerce profitability, however, lies in what some in e-commerce consider a dying breed: brick and mortar retail.
5 Things SMRs Have To Do To Prepare For Obamacare
The remaining provisions of the Affordable Care Act will soon be enacted, but many small business owners are so confused about the many provisions that they don’t know where to begin. The following tips are designed to eliminate some of the guesswork and give small business owners a starting point. As these are general guidelines, it’s always best to consult with your accountant and your attorney to ultimately determine the provisions that will specifically affect your business and how best to proceed.
How An LP Manager Convinced Northern Tool And Equipment To Go With IP Video
This LP manager was able to convince this 80-store tool company to go chain-wide with IP video by proving its business benefits throughout the company.
July's Top News
Men's Wearhouse vs. George Zimmer — A Quick Resolution Is The Best Solution
Staples' Omni-Channel Stores Showcase The Future Of Retail
Canada Eliminates Tariff On Baby Clothes And Sports Equipment
Instant Notification Of Booster Bag Entry Into Store
Currency Redesign Deters Counterfeits: What You Need To Know About The New $100 Bills
July's Top Featured Product
QlikView On Mobile QlikView On Mobile
QlikView provides professionals on the go with the business intelligence industry’s most powerful and engaging mobile experience. It features a compelling user interface fueled by the power of QlikView Server to deliver unprecedented freedom to mobile workforces.
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Industry Webinar
Endless Aisles For Town Shoes: Bridging The Online And In-Store Inventory Gap
August 15, 2013 | 2:00 p.m. ET

Retail is all about the customer, but you can't serve the customer without having the right product in the right place at the right time. Town Shoes, Canadian owner and operator of The Shoe Company, Sterling Shoes, Shoe Warehouse, and Freedman Shoes is bridging the gap between online and offline inventory by creating their "endless aisles" and making all products available to every customer everywhere. Join us as we discuss this project with Peter Gerhardt, CFO of Town Shoes. Register.