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09.19.13 -- NextLP: How Chico's Rebuilt Its Loss Prevention Program

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How Chico's Rebuilt Its Loss Prevention Program
By Matt Pillar, editor in chief
By Matt Pillar, editor in chief After 25 years of minimal LP investment, $2.5 billion fashion retailer Chico’s came to grips with its internal shrink.
Guest Column
IP Video: Today And Beyond
By Bob Johns, associate editor   By Bob Johns, associate editor
IP Video is taking the retail world by storm, replacing older analog systems at an increasing rate. A lot of this has to do with reduced costs and improved ROI from coverage, resolution, and analytics. Here, I sit down with Mark Collett, GM of Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Division, and Sanford Green, director, USA Sales & Operations, VSA Division, ImmerVision to discuss the total cost of coverage for IP video.
ASIS Retail Council Executive Series
Is Ronnie Working In Your Company?
  By Alan F Greggo, CPP, CFE, principle owner, Profit RX LLC
Your institution houses private information for your clients, but what would happen if that information fell into the wrong hands? An information breach not only affects the clients whose information is leaked, but diminishes the integrity of your institution. What should you do to minimize or even prevent the probability that a breach will occur at your business?
Mobility And LP
Don't Be Afraid Of The Mobile Revolution: 5 Ideas To Help You Embrace It
By Derek M. Rodner, Agilence, Inc.   By Derek M. Rodner, VP, Product Strategy, Agilence, Inc.
A significant part of my job involves surveying the landscape and understanding where the retail market is heading in both the short and long term. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that “mobile computing” is going to have a major impact and cause a significant shift in how retailers interact with and sell to customers.
Featured Content
Securing The App-Congested Network
As retail networks strain under the weight of application proliferation, network security and uptime once again take center stage. Here, Steven White offers some advice to retailers.
10 Reasons To Switch To IP-Based Video
This article takes a look at 10 key motivators for switching from analog to IP-based cameras. Obtain a more reliable security system, reduce costs, and create value for your business.
Using People Counting And Conversion Rates To Increase Sales
People counting is, quite simply, counting people entering and exiting your store locations. People counting gives retailers the visibility into their operations required to have a full picture of factors behind sales and where action should be taken to address opportunities to improve sales.
Turning The Smartphone Into A Powerful Tool
Enabling real-time, enterprisewide voice communication — from store floors to warehouses and DCs — doesn’t have to be a rip-and-replace proposition.
Three Key Considerations For Implementing A Successful Video Analytics Program
Five years ago, video analytics for retail applications offered a lot of potential, but not a lot of delivery. However, with an application specific approach and the progress in technology, video analytics can now deliver useful information from both a loss prevention standpoint, and a merchandising and business management front.
Editor's Notebook
LP/Security: Are You Buying Technologies Or Solutions?
By Matt Pillar, editor in chief   By Matt Pillar, editor in chief
So you’re planning on the implementation of some new LP/security hardware in your stores. You begin to conduct some online research, and suddenly you can’t believe what you’re reading. Three-dozen cameras for three easy payments of $129.99? How can it be?
NextLP In The News
Spencer Gifts, LLC Selects Agilence For Exception Reporting
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Hideaway Pizza Selects March Networks Retail Video Surveillance Solution
Milestone To Unleash The Power Of New Husky Appliance Series
Sony Launches Affordable, Compact HD Security Cameras
IP-Based Security Pioneer Named CEO Of 3xLOGIC, INC
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Vector Security Launches Retail App
Retail Surveillance Solutions — See March Networks In Booth 2052 At ASIS 2013   Retail Surveillance Solutions — See March Networks In Booth 2052 At ASIS 2013
Find out why Hideaway Pizza and some of America’s largest retailers rely on our intelligent video surveillance solutions for security, loss prevention, improved operations, and better store performance. Get live retail demos in the March Networks booth (2052) at ASIS 2013 in Chicago, visit us online or read a case study on Hideaway Pizza.
Featured Podcast
IP Video — Not Just For LP Any More
  There are so many things to consider when protecting your business — from article security to access control and many other things. They all impact the retailer’s bottom line. Starting with intrusion, access control and fire detection, many retailers face fines due to false alarms, and not to mention the fact that manpower is wasted bringing in managers to check on the alarms.