Nobody gets Retail Human Capital Management like Ceridian Dayforce!

Ceridian provides transformative human capital management (HCM) solutions to leading retail organizations to help drive sales and profitability. 

The Dayforce HCM solution transforms HCM from a collection of disparate systems reliant on fragile interfaces to a single, robust, real-time application.

One Employee Record, One User Experience, and No Interfaces

Dayforce HCM aligns the needs and interests of your employees, managers and administrators to deliver better bottom-line performance. Built on the innovative Dayforce platform, the application delivers Payroll, Tax, Benefits, Human Resources and Workforce Management in a single system with a focus on compliance, visibility, and engagement.

Ceridian Dayforce also understands the importance of offering mobile solutions which to help retailers improve communication with their workforce and provide anytime access to schedule, time, pay and HR information. Accessed from anywhere at any time.

What Dayforce HCM modules can provide value to retailers?

Workforce Management

  • Plan and forecast labor requirements
  • Align schedules with labor demand
  • Optimize labor spend and coverage
  • Ensure accurate time tracking and compliance

Human Resources

  • Communicate across the enterprise
  • One employee record for improve accuracy
  • Eliminate data redundancy and fragile interfaces
  • Manage work and life events

Payroll & International Payroll

  • Preview and fix records in real time
  • Configure audits to quickly identify errors
  • Provide self-service earnings statements and tax forms
  • Spend less time in process


  • Manage open enrollment with plan comparison tools
  • Calculate, test and analyze eligibility
  • Offer COBRA administration and commuter benefits
  • Provide a safety net by offering benefits when benefits eligible

Time & Attendance

  • Automate clocking and punch collection with flexible rules
  • Ensure compliant pay processing
  • Prevent errors and wasted payroll spend
  • View the real-time impact of timesheet edits

Weekly Planning & Labor Scheduling

  • Manage and deploy workforce based on business objectives
  • Optimize staffing coverage for improve service
  • Lift sales as a result of improve conversion
  • Incorporate real-time feedback to every edit and its impact


  • Increase engagement via iOS, Windows, and Android apps
  • Provide access to HR data
  • Ensure shift coverage at all times
  • Streamline communication and improve responsiveness

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