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  • Tracking For Achievement
    Tracking For Achievement

    I’ve already hit the snooze button twice as my alarm sirens for me to get out of bed. I sit up and stretch as the timer on my day begins. It occurs to me that in these modern times, we are constantly tracking our every move. That is, we adhere to routine schedules and check-ins while calculating our daily activities and recording progress made in order to achieve the next goal.

Kiosks & Kids: Attracting A Tech-Savvy Generation Through Education And Play

When I walk through retail environments, I am on constant alert – looking for innovative design concepts, unique displays and the ways consumers engage with their surroundings.

Connectivity: Changing The Brick & Mortar To Click & Mortar

With the right merchandising, retailers succeed in engaging with consumers and inspiring them to buy more products. Merchandising can range from custom signage or corrugated displays to interactive kiosks – the right one for you is dependent on your company’s needs.

Four Ways to Configure Your Retail Tablet Program

An interesting thing is happening in stores. Retailers who were fast out of the box to test tablets on the floor have assimilated their learning and are proceeding to integrate them into the in-store experience.

5 Steps To Personalizing The In-Store Experience

Revamping the in-store environment with merchandising and POP displays: Facing fierce competition and high operating expenses, today’s retailers must develop new strategies for attracting consumers and building brand recognition. Developed and published by Retail TouchPoints.

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  • Video Stops Traffic At Sun Diego
    Video Stops Traffic At Sun Diego

    There’s a place for interactive displays and complex analytics, but for boutique retailer Sun Diego Boardshops, it’s enough to simply stop traffic

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  • DuraSmoke Counter Merchandiser
    DuraSmoke Counter Merchandiser

    Merchandising solutions come in all sizes. This space-saving counter display provides high visibility for the DuraSmoke brand in the crowded convenience store environment, while merchandising their expanding line of flavored eLiquids and accompanying products for eCigarettes.

  • Mobile Charging Station
    Mobile Charging Station

    Placed in sporting venues, goCharge mobile charging stations are keeping consumers charged up. Designed and produced as a stand-alone floor model, the cell phone charging station accommodates a variety of mobile devices including smartphones, iPads and tablets. Custom decorated with individual logos and colors, consumers can walk up and plug in their mobile device for a quick charge while enjoying their activity.

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  • Leverage Digital Signage & Kiosks To Improve Customer Experience
    Leverage Digital Signage & Kiosks To Improve Customer Experience

    As always, we're here to help retail executives make informed decisions about technology and operations solutions for all their sales channels. In that spirit, our discussion topic today is improving the customer experience in the store. Our guest today, to help give us an expert’s point of view, is Alexandra Sneed, marketing manager for Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

  • Dynamic Digital Signage That Informs And Engages Your Customers To Action

    Mike Tippets, VP of Hughes Solutions Group, describes how to you can engage and inform your customers to action with the Power of Video. Let Hughes show you how you can improve your customer's experience with our new Hughes Digital Associate.

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