Cross Channel Magazine

  1. The New Conversation In Retail Commerce

    Conversational commerce is coming of age, and it’s being powered by a simple, inexpensive chatbot that virtually anyone can use.

  2. The Business Case For Better Batteries

    Lost productivity, inventory inaccuracy, and social irresponsibility are just a few of the sins associated with bad mobile device battery management.

  3. Smarter Pricing, Bigger Profit

    Price transparency is putting pressure on merchants to get strategic and granular about how they manage prices and drive profits.

  4. Watch, Click, Buy: Video Commerce Will Change Retail Forever

    Move over, product placement. Soon, retailers won’t just be promoting products on TV shows; they’ll be selling them there.

  5. Cabela’s Journey To Packaging Perfection

    An on-demand packaging system helped the “world’s foremost outfitter” achieve 30+ percent productivity gains and significantly reduce packaging consumption.

  6. Are You A Brand, Or Are You Amazon?

    If your brand is your lifeblood and you protect it as such, jumping on the marketplace bandwagon is attempted suicide.

  7. Inside 4 Game-Changing Startups

    Plug and Play Retail’s newest batch of startups commits to the customer experience with micro segmentation, loyalty, gamified mobile ads, and more.

  8. Instilling A Genius For Innovation

    Leadership and ownership are the key components necessary to drive innovation in the retail organization.

  9. New Risks, New Resources

    From cyber security to violent crime, mounting risks in retail require collaborative, innovative resource allocation.

  10. ERP Relief For Stores On Wheels

    To gain access to automated, real-time replenishment data, Mister Safety Shoes underwent a full-scale ERP overhaul that helped its mobile stores deliver the best possible customer experience.