From The Editor's Desk

  1. Me2B = Personalization

    Forget B2B, B2C, and B2B2C. As the customer — specifically the Millennial and Gen Z segments — help shape the future of retailing, we’re in the throes of the “Me2B” economy.

  2. On Retail Jobs And Talent

    At last month’s NRF BIG Show, Executive Director of the NRF Foundation and NRF Senior Vice President Ellen Davis gave a talk about the Foundation’s RISEup initiative.

  3. What The Retailers Had To Say At NRF 2017

    Last week, my colleague, Matt, wrote about his take on virtual reality’s (VR) presence at the recent NRF BIG Show. Just as we predicted, VR, augmented reality (AR), AI, and more were top technologies showcased on the Expo floor. We spent plenty of time scoping out these and other technologies developed to help retailers improve store performance, personalize the shopping experience, streamline the supply chain, etc. We also spent quite a bit of time talking one-on-one with retail executives about their biggest opportunities and strategies for achievement in the weeks and months ahead.

  4. NRF 2017: Is Virtual Really The New Reality?

    The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas typically serves as a precursor to the consumerist technologies that will filter into enterprise retail—and therefore be on full display at the NRF BIG Show—by the following year.  So it goes that the virtual and augmented reality demonstrations that stole the show at CES 2016 last January were spiffed up with an enterprise twist and littered throughout the Javits Center at the NRF event last week.

  5. Survival Of The Innovative

    I’ve written a couple of recent columns about the potential Trump effect on trade and taxes for U.S. retailers. These are topics that you should be on top of. Despite the fact that they’re out of your immediate control, you can, and of course should, make your voice heard. In the NRF and RILA, the retail industry has a solid lobbying presence in D.C. The strong representation of a collective industry is prerequisite to influence. If you don’t like what you see coming, join them, and fight city hall.

  6. Retailer Innovation Award Winners Announced!

    Welcome to 2017. We hope Innovative Retail Technologies subscribers have their best, most profitable year yet. We’re kicking off 2017 by announcing the Winners and Finalists of our inaugural Retailer Innovation Awards. We’re delighted to announce that 27 retailers have been awarded across the categories of Omni-Channel Retailing, In-Store Operations, Workforce Management, Customer Engagement, and Loss Prevention.

  7. Rewarding Retail Innovation

    Taken at face value, there’s really nothing special about the word, innovation. Merriam-Webster defines it as the introduction of something new, or a new idea, method, or device. New doesn’t necessarily translate to good or better, and by that definition, technology innovation in retail is something of a commodity. Silicon Valley is brimming with it. It’s bubbling and oozing out of so-called “retail innovation labs” in merchant headquarters from New York to San Francisco. In short order, we’ll see hundreds of innovations under one roof at the NRF BIG show.

  8. Unexpected Opportunities At The NRF BIG Show

    I make a good part of my living talking to retail professionals about their IT and operations initiatives. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed hundreds, if not thousands of interviews with retail execs. Whenever we’re discussing projects that involved specific retail solutions providers and vendors, I’m sure to ask those execs how their relationships with those vendors came to pass.

  9. 2017 NRF BIG Show Predictions

    The New Year is almost here, which means the 2017 NRF BIG Show is almost here. The convention and expo, which will be held from January 15-17 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, promises to deliver “Innovations, Connections, Solutions.” I’ll skip the noise of the who, what, and when — you know you’re in for insightful sessions and game-changing technologies as well as we do. From a prediction standpoint, however, here’s what I think we’ll see at the 2017 BIG Show.

  10. Trump On Trade: Will Retail Take A Hit?

    Throughout the presidential campaign, president-elect Donald Trump stuck to a seven-point trade platform that included, in brief, the following talking points...