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  1. Connecting the Store Associate

    Shoppers still desire a human interaction when they visit a store and are greatly influenced to purchase if assisted by a store associate. In fact, 92% purchase something if they’ve found their store associate to be “very helpful” and 72% still purchase something even when the store associate is only “somewhat helpful”. The experience a physical store offers also greatly impacts the success of the online store, wherein 55% of online shoppers would prefer to buy from a merchant with a physical store presence over an online-only retailer.

  2. Foster Employee Engagement And Grow The Bottom Line

    A successful omnichannel experience focuses on how to truly engage the consumer at every stage of the shopping journey, especially as they prepare to make a purchase decision at store-level. Realizing that the customer-facing associate is a critical catalyst at this final stage in the shopping experience, savvy retailers are starting to cultivate the wellbeing — and thus the prowess — of their sales teams. To drive employee engagement, retailers are instituting new initiatives that motivate staffers, drive productivity, foster long-term careers, and most importantly, create more engaged employees eager to drive customer satisfaction.

  3. 2016 Tech Innovators Report

    Every retailer wants to be innovative, but what does “innovation” mean in the modern retail landscape?

  4. Four Keys To Realizing A Total Return An Your Workforce Technology Investment

    Making technology decisions in today’s rapidly changing and complex world is a challenge. The simple math of automation is no longer sufficient to capture the true return on workforce management technology investments. As technology becomes more powerful and integrated, retailers are rethinking how they define the value created by these solutions, focusing on accuracy, visibility and accountability, not just cost savings.

  5. Microservices: A Paradigm Shift For Fast- Growing e-Commerce Businesses

    Businesses that have a clear customer-centric strategy require a flexible and scalable software infrastructure in order to be successful in a disruptive marketplace. Introducing a Microservice methodology - as complex and startlingly it may seem at first glance - is the next logical step.

  6. Order Accuracy In The DC

    Order accuracy isn’t just one of the tenets of meeting customer expectations — it’s the tenet. Innovative Retail Technologies turned to Jeff Hedges, president material handling at OPEX Corporation, for his insight into achieving order accuracy despite complex customer expectations. 

  7. Discount Pricing Strategies: Optimising Operational, Merchandising & Promotional Plans

    Amid price wars, promotional fatigue and ever decreasing margins, new research confirms UK retailers are selling an increasingly large proportion of inventory off at discounted prices. This is good news for consumers, who have become accustomed to searching out bargains during the likes of discount events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, this trend is having negative impact on the UK retail’s bottom line.

  8. How Small- to Mid-Sized Merchants Are Crushing The Big-Box Competition

    Small- to mid-sized retailers have an inherent omni-channel merchandising and inventory management advantage over their big-box competition; they know their customers. Modern software applications support that advantage, creating a unique opportunity for small- to mid-sized retailers to shine.

  9. Shoptalk On Building The New Retail Community

    IRT spoke with Anil Aggarwal, founder of Shoptalk — a new event that’s getting an incredible amount of industry attention — about what retailers can expect to gain from attending the show. Anil founded Money20/20 (the world’s largest consumer payments event with over 10,000 attendees in just its fourth year) as well as two tech companies with successful exits, including one sold to Google in 2012 for more than $200m. He’s also an angel and venture capital investor.

  10. Fashion Retailer’s Stairway To Customer Experience Nirvana: Deploying A Coherent Omnichannel Strategy

    The malls and shopping centers of America are littered with the ghosts of fashion retailers that once ran a thriving business–Fashion Bug, Cache, Casual Corner. Whether it was ecommerce, larger competition, a recession or the failure to embrace a new technology or fashion trend, they found themselves unable to adapt.