Featured News

  1. New Survey Finds $150 Billion In Missed Revenue Due To Retailers’ Lack Of Personalized Service

    Retailers missed out on $150 billion in revenue in 2016 because they failed to provide shoppers with personalized service, according to a new survey by TimeTrade. Providing shoppers with better customer experience could increase revenue by at least 5 percent, while millennials say they would pay up to 20 percent more for better retail experiences.

  2. NRF Economic Forecast Sees Growth For 2017

    Predictions say retail could see growth between 3.7 and 4.2 percent year-over-year.

  3. Drone Delivery Won’t Take Off Anytime Soon Despite Sale of Almost 3 Million Units In 2017

    Gartner says delivery drones will make up less than 1 percent of the commercial market by 2020.

  4. Facebook Is Closing The Book On VR Demonstrations At 200 Best Buy Stores

    Best Buy will continue to sell the Oculus Rift headset, but will no longer provide demos.

  5. Need To Design The Perfect Dress? There’s An App For That

    Google and H&M digital fashion house Ivyrevel partner to create the first data-driven dress.

  6. Office Depot Names New CEO

    Office Depot, Inc. has announced the appointment of Lenovo Executive Gerry P. Smith as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective February 27. He will succeed current CEO Roland Smith when he retires.

  7. Poor Customer Service Results In Feelings Of Anger And Betrayal

    In a new study by customer experience analytics platform InMoment, customers around the world were nearly twice as likely as brands to say they associate anger with bad experiences, indicating feelings of betrayal if a brand fails to meet their basic needs. Simply put, when brands can’t deliver on even the most basic of promises, they risk turning away even the most loyal customers.

  8. Brands Must Turn To Highly Personalized, Cross-Channel Marketing To Win Customers In 2017

    A new study from YesMail has found that cross-channel initiatives and more sophisticated marketing techniques are among the tools and strategies that aim to win over customers in 2017. The poll surveyed more than 300 brands to uncover where brands are focusing their efforts in the year ahead.

  9. Walmart Scrubs ShippingPass In Favor Of Free Two-Day Shipping

    Watch out, Amazon: Walmart’s gloves are off and the retail giant is ready for a fight for customers. Just eighteen months after introducing its ShippingPass program, Walmart has scrubbed the member’s only subscription program in favor of a new shipping service available to all Walmart customers.

  10. Google Hands Free Payment Pilot Ends With Promises Of Future Options

    Google has ended its Hands Free payment pilot in the Bay Area as of February 8, 2017, but it also has promised that more options will be coming in the future. The pilot allowed a customer to approach a payment system and simply say “I’ll pay with Google.”