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  1. IoT-Inspired Innovation

    Kroger doubles down on the Internet of Things

  2. New Report Finds Apparel Retailers Saying “Out With Seasonal, In With Cross-Channel Offerings”

    The report helps retailers reconcile the tech with the tactile by highlighting shopping trends.

  3. Using Predictive Analytics To Help Solve Retailers’ Challenges

    How to solve the most common retail data problems to improve efficiency and boost sales.

  4. Retail IT Managers Make Mobile Payments Technology A Priority

    Report shows that retailers are pursuing convenient, safe, efficient technology to woo customers.

  5. Walmart and Are Bolstering Online Sales With Purchase Of Domain

    Retail giant reportedly shelled out $9 million for the competitive domain.

  6. Amazon Gains Patent For Textile Printing That Could Alter Order Fulfillment

    The landscape of retail fulfillment is radically changing, and the industry must keep up or fail. Part of that change includes the adoption of new technologies that can improve the efficiency and speed of order fulfillment. To that end, Amazon recently was awarded a patent for “a system of on demand apparel manufacturing [that] includes a textile printer, textile cutter, and a computing device” that could be used to make apparel or textile home goods, as Recode reported.

  7. Walmart Takes Another Jab At Amazon With Discounts For Order Online Pick Up In Store Purchases

    Latest move demonstrates retail giant’s determination to best its online competitor.

  8. Visa Checkout Surpasses 20 Million Users

    New merchants fuel expansion and Samsung Pay integrates with Visa Checkout’s Open Platform.

  9. Reimagining Retail Brick By Click

    With the ever-increasing impact of digital channels on consumer behavior, retailers need better tools and approaches to remain competitive.

  10. Welcome To The Post-POS Era

    The store? It’s not dead, but it’s playing a rapidly shrinking role in consumer mindshare.