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  1. Explore The Cross-Departmental Benefits Of Asset Protection

    As Five Below’s first asset protection department head, Gregg Smith sought to reduce manual processes with a data-driven approach that would positively affect the entire organization.

  2. Acquisition Of Whole Foods Could Place Amazon As Clear E-Grocery Market Leader

    Amazon is buying Whole Foods in a deal worth roughly $13.7 billion, a move that speaks volumes about the future of the rapidly growing e-grocery market. The move falls in line with Amazon’s recent forays into the grocery industry as well as their ever expanding distribution presence.

  3. Walmart Testing Delivery By Store Associates To Help With Fulfillment

    Walmart has announced that it is Beta-testing a new service that leverages its store associates to help with the fulfilment of online orders by delivering items directly to customer homes. As the blog post asserts, “Not only can this cut shipping costs and get packages to their final destinations faster and more efficiently, it creates a special win-win-win for customers, associates, and the business.”

  4. There Is No Magic Code

    I receive dozens of purportedly transformational, groundbreaking, industry-saving solutions to your most complex and dire challenges every single day. They flow steadily, right into my inbox, keeping pace with the promises that if I click to buy a bottle of pills, I’ll stop snoring, reverse my receding hairline, and eliminate my gut without lifting a finger.

  5. 2017’s Top 5 Trends In Retail Asset Protection Technology

    RILA’s (R)Tech Asset Protection Working Group addresses the major questions facing retail asset protection.

  6. The Role Of The Modern CIO

    Today’s retail CIO must be equal parts technologist, trusted advisor, and business co-creator.

  7. How Mobile Technology Is Changing The Customer Experience

    The long-term success of retailers will be based on their ability to make shopping enjoyable, frictionless, and aligned with their customers’ expectations.

  8. Walmart Upgrades Walmart Pay For Nearly Instant Access To Credit Options

    Walmart has announced the introduction of a new feature on its mobile payment application that allows customers to start using store branded credit cards immediately, according to a blog post by the company. The Walmart Pay electronic wallet now gives nearly instant access to Walmart credit cards at all store locations and online after customers are approved — even before a plastic card arrives by mail.

  9. Inconvenient Truths About E-Commerce And Omni-Channel Retail

    The future of retail will not be evenly distributed and, to be sure, physical store shopping will be different.

  10. The Solution To The Retail Revolution

    Innovation, collaboration, and change are the keys to remaining relevant in today’s evolving retail landscape.