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  1. What Powers The TSC Supply Chain

    $6.78 billion Tractor Supply Co. demands uptime from the mobile devices driving innovation in its warehouses and DCs.

  2. Deloitte Retail Outlook Finds Consumer Spending Confidence On The Rise

    Innovative technology is crucial, while the need for instant gratification fuels on-demand retail.

  3. Walmart Acquires Outdoor Gear Retailer Moosejaw To Boost Online Sales

    The $51 million acquisition is designed to best Amazon in the apparel and sporting goods categories.

  4. Experts Warn That Retailers Are In For A Bumpy Ride In 2017

    While core retail sales rose 0.4% in January, analysts point to red flags that predict volatility.

  5. ComScore Report Shows Holiday Spending Up 17 Percent Year-Over-Year

    Consumers spent $80.2 billion online, with a 44 percent increase in mobile spending.

  6. Retail CEOs Weigh In On President Trump’s Proposed Border Tax

    President Trump’s proposed 20 percent border tax is garnering opposition from many industry leaders, including a group of Retail CEOs who recently sat down with the president to discuss their position.

  7. New Survey Finds $150 Billion In Missed Revenue Due To Retailers’ Lack Of Personalized Service

    Retailers missed out on $150 billion in revenue in 2016 because they failed to provide shoppers with personalized service, according to a new survey by TimeTrade. Providing shoppers with better customer experience could increase revenue by at least 5 percent, while millennials say they would pay up to 20 percent more for better retail experiences.

  8. NRF Economic Forecast Sees Growth For 2017

    Predictions say retail could see growth between 3.7 and 4.2 percent year-over-year.

  9. Retailers’ Omni-Channel Blind Spot: Digital The Death Of The Single-Channel Shopper

    In RSR's latest Omni-Channel Benchmark Report, you'll learn whether new view of the retail shopper translates into retailers finally taking definitive action, or makes significant progress in achieving an omni-channel strategy.

  10. Why Walmart’s Free Shipping Play Won’t Work

    Welcome news to consumers though it may be, the impact of Walmart’s free two-day shipping play will have minimal impact on consumer loyalty to Amazon.