Personalized Recommendations Drive Double-Digit Conversion Lift
Personalized Recommendations Drive Double-Digit Conversion Lift

One-to-one customer engagement enabled by machine learning yields a 13 percent reduction in bounce rate and a 33 percent average order value improvement at Marmot.

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  • A Tale Of Two Strategies To Boost Online Order Value And Volume
    A Tale Of Two Strategies To Boost Online Order Value And Volume

    Have you heard the true story about today’s online shopper? It’s a tale about a retail milestone with a crazy plot twist that has recently earned countless headlines: online shoppers make more than half of all their retail purchases on the web. But, as the plot thickens, the story continues on to tell us that eCommerce revenues still trail the number of orders by a significant margin.

  • Maybe It’s Not Amazon You Need to Be Worrying About
    Maybe It’s Not Amazon You Need to Be Worrying About

    Wave after disruptive wave of change is washing over the Retail industry. Though E-Commerce is having a large impact on traditional brick and mortar Retail, workforce changes and cost models are about to land the largest change in decades on the Retail world. Rapid, targeted changes in your onboarding and training strategies will substantially reduce the pain.

  • Is A Picture Really Worth A Thousand Words?
    Is A Picture Really Worth A Thousand Words?

    Judging by the current explosive growth of images on the Internet, a picture may be worth much more than a thousand words. Consider Facebook, the social media giant, which stores more than 250 billion user-generated photos; and the fact that an average web page now contains 60 images. One of the reasons for the growth in images on the web is that users love images; for example, look at the growth of Instagram, it has over 40 billion images shared.

  • A Fine Line: Technology And Retail Associates
    A Fine Line: Technology And Retail Associates

    As my colleague pointed out in a recent piece with IRT, technology plays a significant role in the life of a retail associate – beginning at the onboarding phase and extending into the various activities of an everyday shift. And, as a result of changing consumer expectations, the use cases for multiple associate-used technologies are only increasing. For example, mobile POS options and tablets allow associates to better meet shopper needs (e.g., check out rapidly, determine inventory availability) and increase conversion rates. The ability to optimize the queue and sell items not in the physical store is now a necessity to succeed in brick-and-mortar retail.

  • Technology And The Store Of The Future
    Technology And The Store Of The Future

    The rapid advancement of technology, with its inherent connectivity, has dramatically affected individual behavior. One of the instances in which this shift is most evident is in retail. Today, a shopper interacts with a brand in the store and at home, via social media, on his or her mobile phone, and through a store associate. There is no longer an online or an offline experience: engagement is singular. Consequently, retailers are struggling to piece together the omnichannel path to purchase.      

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  • Turning One-Time Buyers Into Loyal Customers

    When is the last time you took a deep dive into your email metrics? As you prepare for the holidays, perhaps it is time to take another look. Understanding your subscribers is the only way to truly evaluate the performance of your campaigns, making necessary changes to increase subscriber engagement, revenue and ROI.

  • The Retailer’s Guide To New Advancements In Cash Management

    Innovative Retail Technologies sat down with Jim Poteet, executive VP, sales and marketing at FireKing Security Group about the evolution of cash management and how it directly impacts the retailer’s bottom line. Poteet provides specific and actionable insight that retailers concerned with cash management won’t want to miss.

  • Mobile Coupon Return On Investment: Real Results From Real Retailers

    Mobile coupon popularity is growing rapidly in the retail sector. One analyst firm, solely focused on mobile, predicts that mobile coupons redeemed will almost double between 2014 and 2019 to more than 31 billion.

  • Robotic Goods-To-Person Picking Technology For Simplified Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment

    Perfect Pick’s goods-to-person model allows businesses to do more with less by dramatically increasing productivity and efficiency, but with much fewer workers.

  • Easter Holiday Promotional Analysis, 2014-2016

    Determining exactly when to have a sale, how long it should last, and how much to discount are recurring challenges for every retailer. One way to gain the upper hand is to have easy access to data-backed insights on your competitors’ promotional tactics at your fingertips. Such insights can reveal how your promotional calendar compares to others’, how discounting affects traffic, and how your promotions benchmark against competitors’.

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  • March Networks
    March Networks

    At March Networks, we believe in simple, easy-to-use video surveillance systems that help retailers decrease losses and increase profits.

  • Kronos Incorporated
    Kronos Incorporated

    Kronos® for Retail is the most widely adopted and deployed workforce management solution available. And with over 50 years of combined retail-specific experience, we’ve designed our solutions to meet the unique needs and challenges of retail organizations.

  • Global Technology Systems, Inc.
    Global Technology Systems, Inc.

    Global Technology Systems is the trusted expert in mobile power technology. GTS designs and manufactures high-performance batteries, chargers, and power management technologies for essential mobile devices. Millions of business professionals, public safety, government, and military worldwide rely on GTS to power mission critical communications and mobile computing applications. Founded in 2000, GTS is headquartered in Framingham, MA.

  • Compliance Networks
    Compliance Networks

    Compliance Networks is a leading provider of solutions to the retail supply chain that enable enterprises to optimize flow within their supply chain and make informed decisions that ultimately increase shareholder value.

  • Epson America, Inc.
    Epson America, Inc.
    For more than 30 years, Epson has delivered industry-leading point-of-service technology solutions to the world's leading retailers including printers, precision printing mechanisms, and digital image scanners.


  • NetSuite

    NetSuite delivers a cloud-based, multi-channel retail management system that brings together NetSuite Retail Anywhere POS with eCommerce, CRM and marketing, merchandising and order management, financials, and warehouse management into a single, centrally-managed solution.

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  • Study Demonstrates EMV’s Protection Of Consumers
    Study Demonstrates EMV’s Protection Of Consumers

    Mexico has a longstanding reputation for being a safe haven of fraud. Further south in Brazil, international press coverage of Rio’s stint in the international Olympic limelight has been tinged with stories about that country’s undesirable fraudsters. According to new research from ACI Worldwide and Aite Group, those reputations aren’t without merit. According to the study, 2016 Global Consumer Card Fraud: Where Card Fraud Is Coming From, 56 percent of consumers in Mexico experienced card fraud in 2015. Just shy of half of Brazilian consumers were victims of the crime.

Active Shooters: Are You Prepared?

Last month, I attended NRF Protect. The show was held in my stomping grounds of Philadelphia, and as usual, the show was packed with solid sessions and an Expo floor filled with technologies that, quite frankly, aid the entire organization. I attend the show every year, and I always leave with actionable insights to bring back to our readers. But this year I exited the Convention Center feeling exceptionally informed, largely because of one single session — a session centered on the importance of training and practical planning should an active shooter enter the premises.

How Close Are We To Seamless Digital Commerce?

For all the “smarts” of our smart devices—think phones, tablets, and TVs—our consumption of digital content and our digital interaction with brands and our peers still happen in a surprisingly disjointed way.

Timely Retail Topics: Mobile SaaS, Commerce-As-A-Service, Fulfillment

Innovative Retail Technologies is a full-scale media resource dedicated to helping retailers make informed decisions about pragmatic innovative retail technologies, and we deliver content via a wide range of formats.

Are Your Ready To Double Your Wages?

It’s commonly held that the maintenance of a retail workforce consumes a double digit percentage of total revenue—in some cases north of 20 percent. In foodservice and hospitality segments that figure can climb to 30 percent.

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  • Unprepared For Mobile Commerce
    Unprepared For Mobile Commerce

    I’ve spent a lot of time on the road over the past several weeks attending various industry events, and one of the major topics discussed at all of them has been the evolving role of personalization in omni-channel retailing.

  • Instilling A Genius For Innovation
    Instilling A Genius For Innovation

    Leadership and ownership are the key components necessary to drive innovation in the retail organization.

  • ERP Relief For Stores On Wheels
    ERP Relief For Stores On Wheels

    To gain access to automated, real-time replenishment data, Mister Safety Shoes underwent a full-scale ERP overhaul that helped its mobile stores deliver the best possible customer experience.


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  • Remote MasterMind Scanner Management Software
    Remote MasterMind Scanner Management Software

    Honeywell’s Remote MasterMind® (ReM) software package provides a quick and convenient solution for IT administrators seeking to manage all scanners within their network from a single remote location.

  • PCI Compliance
    PCI Compliance

    Financial breach protection and solutions for achieving and maintaining compliance.

  • WorkForce 520 All-In-One With Check Imaging
    WorkForce 520 All-In-One With Check Imaging Epson's WorkForce® 520 All-in-One brings maximum versatility and value to small businesses that accept up to ten checks per day. In a single, low-cost device, you can scan, print, copy, fax and print photos, plus capture check images for your RDC application with Epson's patent-pending SureCapture® check imaging software.
  • TM-T70 Space-Saving POS Receipt Printer
    TM-T70 Space-Saving POS Receipt Printer The space-saving TM-T70 printer with easy all-front access is the only receipt printer available today designed to operate entirely from the front of the printer. With its front-facing controls, paper loading and receipt dispensing, it can be placed under a counter or on a shelf to free up valuable counter space.
  • Dayforce Employee Assistance & Wellness Programs
    Dayforce Employee Assistance & Wellness Programs

    The Ceridian LifeWorks family of employee assistance and wellness solutions is designed to help empower your employees to become healthier and more productive. By adding LifeWorks resources to your benefit offerings, you can show your dedication to your employees’ wellbeing and work-life balance, while improving their productivity and retention.

  • Voyager 1400g
    Voyager 1400g

    2D bar codes are becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of industries for a number of reasons. Some enterprises have a desire to capture large amounts of data, despite space constraints, while others are being required to read 2D bar codes due to government regulations or supplier mandates.

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