Brochure | December 9, 2013

Brochure: Perfect Pick

Source: OPEX Corporation
OPEX Perfect Pick

Delivering an automated, high-speed, goods-to-person picking solution to the material handling industry.

Highly scalable and flexible, Perfect Pick is engineered to simplify the complexity associated with other shuttle technologies in the market today. Perfect Pick’s revolutionary “one-touch” design is based on a single component, the iBOT ™ . iBOTs are intelligent, wireless vehicles with 100% access to the inventory in a single aisle.

Perfect Pick is based on the proven, patented technology of the OPEX Mail Matrix ™ which debuted in 2007. The energy efficient iBOTs navigate along the track integrated within the racking system, storing and retrieving totes/trays and delivering them directly to the picking station at one or both ends of the aisle – no elevators, conveyors or transfers.

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