Article | October 9, 2015

Design Elements That Transform Shoppers Into Brand Ambassadors

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 Transform Shoppers Into Brand Ambassadors

As visual merchandising designers, the team and I strive to create displays that capture the shopper’s attention so they purchase a product or service.  This sets the stage for a conversion from the average consumer into a brand ambassador.  I’ve previously discussed that we’re most successful when we design a retail piece that sets the stage for such transference. That is, our designs should utilize the most appropriate technology and visuals available so that the benefit message of a product penetrates the basic market noise, reaching the customer. If we as designers are able to effectively communicate this promise and the brand can deliver on it, we’re well on our way to gaining a brand ambassador.

This idea of turning shoppers into brand ambassadors is a pretty common objective for most companies, and has been researched extensively.  In my opinion, there are three things we can focus on in design that’ll work to facilitate this conversion in consumers. 

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