Magazine Issue | March 24, 2010

Integrated Solutions For Retailers: April 2010 Issue Table of Contents

From The Editor

  • Mystery Shoppers Reveal Lackluster Cross-Channel Performance

Feature Article

  • How Charming Shoppes Beat Out-Of-Stocks

In-Store Systems

  • Create Efficiency, Delight Customers
  • Retailers Turn To Technology For Answers
  • Is Mobile A Real Channel Or A Second-Rate Subchannel?
  • Free Up Working Capital With Your POS
  • POS Upgrade Improves Speed, Efficiency For Museum Gift Shop

Supply Chain/Logistics

  • Warehouse Management For Cross-Channel Retailers
  • Reverse Logistics: Shipping Goods Upstream
  • Ace Hardware Warms Up To Weather-Based Planning

Loss Prevention/Security

  • Opportunities For IP Video
  • Maximize Your Video Investment
  • Delivering Results In Loss Prevention From The Investigation To The Interview
  • How Much Illicit Cash Are Your Employees Pocketing?


  • Gain Instant Social Media Savvy
  • Labor's Role In Stock Positioning
  • Fine-Tune Your Promotions
  • Mobile Payments: Success In Small-Town America

Cross-Channel Retailing

  • How Cross-Channel Retailing Impacts Order Management
  • Does Square Change The Shape Of Payments?
  • Understanding Customer Types: Essential To Online Sales
  • 5 Steps To Return On Your E-Commerce Investment
  • Online Retailer Reaps Rewards Of Technology

Product Showcase

  • Cross-Channel Retail Solutions

Partner Perspective

  • Achieving PCI Compliance: What To Know For 2010

Cross-Channel Retailing Research Supplement

  • Cross-Channel Retailing: Enabling The Anytime, Anywhere Consumer