White Paper | September 22, 2016

Staying Relevant In A Fast-Paced Industry: A Fashion Retailer's Guide For Solving Real-World Omnichannel Challenges

Source: NetSuite
Omnichannel Challenges

In trying to keep up with the modern consumer, many fashion retailers have implemented multiple departmental solutions piecemeal, without fully considering the consequences of how these disparate systems will interact with each other. The result is a hodgepodge of processes, which require significant resources to maintain. The inefficiencies and the demands they place on the organization leave retailers stuck in the past, inhibiting growth and innovation.

They can be the difference between whether a retailer fails or thrives in today’s hyper- competitive shopping environment, where failing to fulfill a promise of delivering an order can diminish brand loyalty and get a retailer removed from third party marketplaces such as Amazon. This white paper reflects on real stories from the frontlines and the challenges retailers are facing in creating a consistent and enjoyable shopping experience with advice on how to turn these challenges into opportunities.

The main roadblock to achieving relevancy with consumers is point solutions.