White Paper | December 16, 2013

The Retail Customer's Growing Preference For Mobile Shopping

Source: CFI Group

The pace of mobile shopping continues to accelerate, with global revenue through mobile commerce expected to grow from approximately $2 billion in 2013 to $62 billion over the next five years'. With most major retailers having an app in the marketplace and consumers increasingly equipped with smart phone technology, the opportunity for mobile shopping is boundless. Moreover, retailers who can fully unleash the power of mobile applications stand to significantly bolster both their brand image and enhance user loyalty.

While this is great news for retailers, there is a tremendous need for market based insights to guide investments in these relatively uncharted mobile waters. CFI Group—a global leader in providing customer feedback through deep analytics—has worked with retailers to provide just this type of direction. An outcome of this research is the company's inaugural Retail Satisfaction Barometer (RSB), introduced in September of this year You can read the full report on our company website.

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