DigitalPersona offers retailers advanced identity solutions to defend against theft and fraud in your storefront and in the back office.

Storefront: Stop Employee Theft with Biometrics at the POS

Stop Unauthorized Manager Overrides
When overrides are authorized with fingerprints, employees cannot use their manager’s password or swipe card to give unauthorized voids, “discounts,” approve returns or process gift card transactions. Biometrics ensure the manager is present at the time of the approval. Knowing an employee fingerprint is tied to a transaction discourages theft by providing irrefutable accountability. No one can pretend to be someone else.

Eliminate Time and Attendance Fraud
Biometrics ensure employees can only clock in for themselves and not a co-worker. It eliminates buddy punching, which easily accounts for up to 5% of overall payroll. The savings add up quickly.

Customer Satisfaction, Increased Employee Productivity
Fumbling with passwords and swipe cards slows transaction time and removes employee attention from the customer. Authentication with fingerprint biometrics is quick, allowing employees to focus on the customer and process more transactions resulting in more business and happier customers.

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Back Office: Protect Against Data Breaches with Multifactor Authentication
The number one cause of data breaches is compromised credentials, often passwords. Despite spending millions of dollars on security, data breaches continue to plague Retailers. Our multifactor authentication solution, DigitalPersona Altus, protects against breaches by replacing flawed, outdated authentication methods with strong, contemporary ones.

DigitalPersona Altus, is an advanced, multi-factor authentication solution designed to give users secure access without obstacles. It provides the broadest set of risk-based authentication options allowing IT administrators to create the right security posture for each user, each application and each device, moment by moment. DigitalPersona Altus provides strong security while reducing cost, streamlining deployment and simplifying ongoing administration. It allows you to leverage what you’ve already built: no new hardware, no application modification; IT training is minimized through the use of familiar Active Directory tools.

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