Articles From Integrated Solutions For Retailers

  1. The New Currency Of ROI

    Return on investment calculations are integral to tech and operations expenditure decisions. They inform strategy, give us benchmarks to guide implementation and execution, help us stay accountable to goals, and provide the finance department with budget assurance.

  2. Inspiration From Chocolate-Fueled Innovation

    A Q&A With Matt Pillar & Lina Yang I Director, Hershey’s Advanced Technology & Foresight Lab

  3. Retail Tech Spending

    As the groundwork for enterprisewide data visibility falls into place, a game of connect-the-data dots is playing out in stores.

  4. How BI Improves Omni-Channel Supply Chain Efficiency

    Business intelligence tools help omni-channel retailers mitigate costs on both ends of the supply chain.

  5. CMO Special Report

    Today’s CMO is being called upon to break down the barriers within the retail business structure and work directly with the entire C-level to create a single direction for the company.

  6. Mobile LP Management Becomes Reality

    New technology separates the signal from Big Data noise, creating efficiency that finally makes mobile video review and action a practical exercise.

  7. Why BI And Digital Signage Are Inseparably Linked

    Modern digital signage runs on data that feeds real-time, interactive content, proving as instructive to the retailer as it is to the customer.

  8. The New Role Of The Call Center In Omni-Channel Retail

    As the touch points consumers engage on the path to the sale merge into one, the call center plays an increasingly pivotal role.

  9. How bebe Fast-Tracked The Omni-Channel Odyssey

    bebe was building cross-channel inventory prioritization algorithms and CRM data visibility before “cross-channel” was cool. In a recent sit-down with CIO Hamid Mashouf, we got some insight into where bebe is headed next.

  10. Overhauling IT At BevMo!

    Over the course of 24 months, BevMo! leveraged big data and cloud computing to rebuild its entire IT enterprise from the ground up.

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