Matt Pillar

Matt Pillar

Matt Pillar is the senior executive editor at Innovative Retail Technologies.


  • Are Your Ready To Double Your Wages?

    It’s commonly held that the maintenance of a retail workforce consumes a double digit percentage of total revenue—in some cases north of 20 percent. In foodservice and hospitality segments that figure can climb to 30 percent.

  • Are You A Brand, Or Are You Amazon?

    If your brand is your lifeblood and you protect it as such, jumping on the marketplace bandwagon is attempted suicide.

  • A Fresh Perspective On Associate Engagement

    The emergence of a young, diverse workforce requires innovation to ensure associates are engaged, committed, and effective.

  • Inventory, Interaction, And The Customer Experience

    A positive customer experience takes more than a smiling face; it requires data, technology, and engaged associates.

  • Big Benefits In Battery Management

    Mobile device batteries are the bane of supply chain efficiency, and the repercussions of ignoring their importance are costing you big time.

  • New Risks, New Resources

    From cyber security to violent crime, mounting risks in retail require collaborative, innovative resource allocation.

  • Firearms Retailer Practices Gun Control

    Multifunctional POS and tight inventory controls power the gun lover’s destination store Thunderbird Firearms Academy.

  • Personalized Recommendations Drive Double-Digit Conversion Lift

    One-to-one customer engagement enabled by machine learning yields a 13 percent reduction in bounce rate and a 33 percent average order value improvement at Marmot.

  • Where Retail Apparel Meets Airport Security?

    Bodylabs and are holding a jointly hosted webinar on June 23 called How to Use 3D Body Imaging to Innovate In the Apparel or Footwear Industry. Jon Cilley, Chief Evangelist and Director of Marketing for Body Labs, will discuss the company’s research and the potential for 3D technology to change the clothing and footwear industries.

  • The Sacrifice Of Building A Brand

    I wasn’t familiar with Hammitt when I sat down with Tony Drockton at SuiteWorld, NetSuite’s annual customer conference, last week in San Jose. A minute hadn’t passed before I ascertained that Drockton lives up to the “Chief Cheerleader” title printed on his business card. The guy is a juggernaut, hell-bent on reinventing the way women shop for and enjoy their high-end handbags.