White Paper | February 18, 2016

Beyond Mobile: Exploring Complementary Technologies For Omni-Channel Strategies

Source: AML
Omni-Channel Retail Mobile Strategies

The pressure to create an integrated shopping experience in support of omni-channel retail strategies is very real. But there is no “finish line” when it comes to omni-channel success. It’s not just a matter of creating the right experience, it’s a matter of creating a better experience than the guys down the street…and sustaining it. Ensuring continuity between at-home, online shopping and in-store, in-person shopping is critical to the success of the omni-channel strategy. This means that while in the store, consumers must have access to the same products, the same choices, and the same information they can access online from their home, their office, or on-the-go. Without it, the chance of a customer leaving empty handed increases dramatically. Our society has become one of instant gratification and customers just don’t wait around. They leave.

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