News | April 14, 2016

GoECart Adds Subscription Commerce And Continuity Features To Its Suite

GoECart, the leading unified commerce platform provider, recently announced new subscription commerce and continuity features to its commerce suite that will help its merchants build greater brand loyalty and dramatically improve customer retention.

Rather than purchasing products just one time, the functionality lets the online shopper “subscribe” to one or more products on an ecommerce web site. The products are then fulfilled and delivered according to the schedule the customer chooses. For example, a customer may choose to automate an order for their favorite brand of coffee every month or have a box of healthy snacks sent to a loved one every other week.

For repeat purchasers, subscriptions are a convenient and an automatic way to replenish supplies on items they already use and like. This applies to both B2C consumers as well as B2B buyers that need to routinely re-order stuff. For merchants, this represents a simple way to better serve existing customers while growing their lifetime spend.

GoECart’s CEO, Manish Chowdhary said, “Subscription commerce features like recurring orders and auto-ship will help our clients to simultaneously boost purchase frequency while increasing customer life time value (LTV) by as much as 200% to 400%. Giving shoppers the ability to subscribe to product purchases is a game changer in the realm of customer retention, and it gives our merchants the same robust subscription capabilities offered by the likes of Dollar Shave Club, Amazon Prime, and Birchbox.”

GoECart 360 is an ideal commerce solution for B2B and B2C merchants because it provides a single solution that lets them run their entire business. The 360 suite includes cutting edge ecommerce platform functionality (like subscription commerce, multi-brand multi-site) with enterprise-grade order and inventory management as well as POS, mobile, CRM, and integration with leading e-marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Sears, and Rakuten.

Some highlights of the new subscription commerce management functionality include:

  • Easy for Shoppers to ‘Subscribe and Save’ – Buyers set quantity and frequency of recurring purchases using a simple and elegant web user interface similar to that used by the major online players. They can also take advantage of discounts based on the subscription frequency.
  • Robust Subscription Administration and Customer Service – Merchants can pick and choose which products provide a subscription option and can offer tiered subscription discounts based on quantity and frequency of purchases. With automated payment processing and built-in order and inventory management, merchants have easy access to all the info they need to help service the customers quickly and efficiently.
  • Fully Branded and Personalized Emails – The system will automatically send a variety of branded emails at the optimum time related to the subscriptions like subscription confirmation, upcoming delivery reminders, shipment and payment notifications, cancellations, and even product review requests. This eliminates manual work and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Customer Self-Management of Subscriptions – Customers manage their own subscriptions: they can view and change the details of each subscription at any time on the mobile-optimized storefront, including delivery schedule, delivery history, payment method, and shipping address.

“We’ve been piloting the GoECart’s Subscription and Continuity features and the results so far have been promising. It’s easy for our customers to use, and fully automated for us to manage in the back office. We expect this module to be a hit with both our customers and our staff.” said Anthony Simone, President of 11th Street Coffee. “Our customers can subscribe to their favorite K-cup brands and have them automatically delivered according to the frequency they choose. They love being able to get their favorite coffee at a discount, and we love the fact that we are building a loyal following of customers…many of whom now buy their K-cups exclusively from us.”

A recent article in Forbes magazine cited subscription services as being an important trend in the world of ecommerce. “Subscription-based e-commerce gives companies regular income, a greater ability to upsell, and deeper relationships with customers — which also can create more customer loyalty. Customers benefit from typically lower costs and more efficient purchases,” the article noted.

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