Article | April 16, 2014

Infographic: How To Keep Pace With New Customer Demands In Stores

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This Infographic from NEC addresses shoppers buying behaviors in five key areas retailers are facing today –

  1. Omnichannel Expectations (Memorable Shopping Experience)
    1. 49% of consumers want retailers to integrate shopping channels (in-store, online and mobile)
  2. POS Updates (New Technologies)
    1. 14% of consumers would like to use a mobile device instead of a credit card
  3. Mobility (Mobile Devices/Customer Engagement)
    1. 450 million users by 2017 in a market worth $721 billion
  4. Inventory Management (Stocked Merchandise)
    1. 13% of shoppers leave a store due to out-of-stock merchandise
  5. Employee Empowerment (Engaging Personnel)
    1. 64% of consumers won’t purchase again if they are dissatisfied with customer service

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