Magazine Article | June 20, 2016

Inside 4 Game-Changing Startups

July 2016 Innovative Retail Technologies

By Pouya Tehranian, Senior Manager, Corporate Innovation, Plug And Play Brand & Retail

Plug and Play Retail’s newest batch of startups commits to the customer experience with micro segmentation, loyalty, gamified mobile ads, and more.

Einstein said that if you can’t state the problem simply, then you don’t understand it well enough. This is especially true when assessing the state of the retail industry today. However, it’s not because we don’t understand the problem; it’s because the problem is changing constantly. The problem we’re talking about is the new consumption cycle that exists in the world of retail today. It’s a cycle that’s fueled by social media and pop culture trends, held together by an aging fraternity of brands and retailers, and kept afloat by the nebulous world of online platforms, connected devices, and an armada of validating consumers both young and old.