Lucas Mobile Work Execution

Source: Lucas Systems, Inc.

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The Future of Mobile Work

Lucas Mobile Work Execution solutions make hands-on warehouse processes easier and better for workers, and give supervisors new tools to view and manage associate performance, balance work-in-process, and adjust operations to changing needs. The solutions help DCs adapt to new demands without changing WMS or host systems, improve associate productivity, and increase order and inventory accuracy. Beyond voice picking, this is the future of mobile work.

Optimize Manual Work Alongside WMS and Automation

Most warehouses and distribution centers have existing systems, processes and infrastructure that have served them well in the past, but which cannot meet new demands for more flexible, faster, and efficient distribution. Warehouse management systems are designed for inventory optimization and planning, but they do not provide rich, configurable workflows that allow DCs to optimize the way work is performed by associates on the warehouse floor. Likewise, WCS and other automation systems are concerned only with planning and execution of automated material handling processes, rather than the manual processes that still prevail between islands of automation in the DC.

Lucas Mobile Work Execution solutions give DCs the flexibility to reengineer hands-on processes beyond the limits of their existing systems, while working with those systems. Adapt to change without risky, costly customization.

Key Capabilities To Improve DC Operations

Lucas Mobile Work Execution solutions include the Lucas Work Execution Server, Engage Management Dashboard, and Jennifer Mobile voice-directed warehouse applications. The solutions also include Lucas Enterprise Integration interfaces providing standard integration to warehouse planning and automation systems, including homegrown systems and WMS packages.

  • The Lucas Work Execution Server optimizes work assignments across tasks (picking, cross-dock, receiving, replenishment, etc.), work areas, and other factors. It also manages and orchestrates the execution of work assignments in conjunction with the Jennifer Mobile applications.
  • Jennifer Mobile incorporates voice direction, speech recognition, barcode scanning and other data capture and display technologies to streamline hands-on work and make tasks easier and better for workers. Jennifer runs on the voice-capable mobile computer of your choice, ranging from rugged smartphones to traditional handheld and vehicle mount terminals.
  • Engage uses real-time data collected on the floor to gives supervisors complete insight and control over work and associate productivity. Engage also allows managers to configure and change hands-on processes to adapt to changing operational needs.
  • Lucas Enterprise Integration (EAI) is a standards-based framework that simplifies integration to leading warehouse management packages (SAP, Oracle, JDA, Manhattan, HighJump, etc.), host systems, warehouse control systems, and other automation and IT systems used in the DC.

Mobile Work Solutions For Every Task

Voice Picking – Unlike voice-picking solutions, Lucas mobile work execution solutions incorporate barcode scanning and other input and display technologies, as well as advanced, adaptive workflows that optimize productivity and eliminate errors in the order selection processes.

Inbound Operations – We help transform RF or manual receiving, putaway and replenishment processes using barcode scanning, voice direction and speech recognition, improving the coordination, efficiency and accuracy of inbound activities.

Outbound Operations – In addition to efficient picking using configurable workflows, Lucas provides hands-free put-to-store, cross-dock and other adaptable outbound processes, in addition to post-pick QC/Audit, product sortation and truck loading.

Other Processes – Lucas mobile work solutions can streamline returns, cycle counting and other DC processes to ensure consistent, efficient performance, often by interleaving these tasks with other processes.