Article | January 29, 2016

Managing Network Traffic

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By Steve Mitchell, Director of Engineering, MultiSight

A while ago I was at a customer site where MultiSight was being installed. I noticed that they already had a video system in the store–your typical low cost DVR with analog cameras. This system was being replaced by MultiSight. I asked the customer if this DVR setup had worked for them.  The answer was “Yes, but whenever we’d try to see the video remotely, we couldn’t process credit cards.” Attempts to view video remotely would saturate their network connection out of the store, and interfere with their Point of Sale (POS) system’s ability to process credit cards.

This complaint is common.  Many of our potential customers have questions about the impact video will have on their network.

In a previous post I talked about the difference between what’s possible with remote access to video vs. what’s actually practical.  This is a case where it was possible, but because their DVR was not designed with remote viewing over a lower bandwidth connection in mind, it was not practical.

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