Video | October 20, 2015

Retail Point Of Sale Software

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What is a point of sale system? ChainDrive POS is a dynamic, feature rich, revolutionary and intelligent Retail Point of Sale System.

  • Expedite POS transactions with a fast, intuitive and easy to use system with touchscreen capability.
  • Boost in-store efficiency, enhance customer service and increase sales using ChainDrive retail POS on a windows based tablet.
  • Eliminate errors and speed up credit/debit processing with integrated payment.
  • Achieve real-time visibility of stock availability using product lookup by location.
  • All price changes and movement requests are displayed directly on the POS, including the ability to confirm completion.
  • Seamlessly process inter-store transfers and receiving.
  • Maintain customer loyalty, retention and increase conversion rate with CRM.
  • Monitor staff performance and improve workforce efficiencies.

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