Article | August 5, 2016

Top 3 Highest ROI Initiatives In Store Associate Mobility

Retail In Store Associate Mobility

By Brianne Murphy, Sales Director, Tulip Retail

Firstly, don’t boil the ocean.

Disruption–transformation–reinvention. Buzzwords floating around as retailers, experts, and thought leaders speculate on the evolution of the physical retail store and how technology will play a role in this change. At the store-level, we’re seeing retailers experiment with beacons, kiosks, and digital displays to augment consumer’s access to product inventory and assistance. And we’re seeing Millennials drive tectonic shifts in the way retailers handle speed of consumption and distribution as they demand a greater level of personalization and instant gratification, but at the best price possible. The accessibility and affordability of technology creates a potentially endless array of options to consider as you map out your in-store mobility strategy.

Forget about the technology.

It can be difficult to determine what’s valuable versus what’s fashionable, or what your competitors or peers are doing, which is why I’d like to start this discussion off by saying: forget about the technology. The technology is the tool or mechanism by which you’ll execute a technology transformation project. In order to ensure usage and adoption, you need the buy-in of your fleet of selling professionals. Solution? Focus on hearing your people and sourcing information based on their experience and time in the field.

Building out an in-store mobility roadmap doesn’t need to be painful or overly complicated. Begin with the end in mind and define top three “Quick wins” that will turn your store into a store of the future. Here are our top three recommended Quick Wins.