News | March 31, 2015

TransFirst Certifies Verifone's Secure Commerce Architecture

(TRANSACT 15, Booth #1213) - Verifone recently announced that TransFirst, a leading provider of transaction processing services and payment enabling technologies, has certified Verifone’s Secure Commerce Architecture (SCA).

Certification of SCA enables TransFirst and its merchants, financial institutions and independent sales organizations (ISOs) to connect Verifone’s EMV and NFC-enabled VX 520 payment terminal and VX 805 PIN pad directly to TransFirst’s web-based payment processing platform — Transaction Express.

Streamlines EMV Certification For Small Merchants
Verifone’s SCA solution decouples payment data from the integrated point of sale (IPOS) and enables secure delivery of this data from the payment terminal directly to Transaction Express — without the data ever entering the register or any other PC-based POS system. Decoupling payment data from the IPOS in such a way:

  • Streamlines EMV certification and PCI compliance by eliminating IPOS systems from the card data environment.
  • Eliminates the IPOS as the channel most commonly targeted by cybercriminals for large-scale theft of consumer payment data
  • Reduces complexity for merchants, acquirers and POS integrators

Enriches Sales Partner And Merchant Offerings
SCA will play a key role in TransFirst’s plans to provide EMV support and streamlined EMV certification capabilities to sales partners and small-and-medium business (SMB) merchants. It will also enable TransFirst to extend the benefits of its end-to-end technology platform, giving partners and SMB merchants access to efficient and feature-rich services, including virtual terminals, tokenization, access to retained transaction history and support for multiple-user and multiple-merchant accounts.

SCA provides the architecture through which merchants can engage consumers with targeted advertising, digital loyalty, coupons and product offers at the POS through Verifone’s Commerce Enablement offerings. Verifone’s goal is to enhance merchants’ ability to create more value for their customers, and SCA provides the foundation for Verifone’s Commerce Enablement offerings, allowing merchants to easily customize and personalize their sales environment and provide consumers with value at the POS.

“The certification of Verifone’s Secure Commerce Architecture is a major milestone for TransFirst,” said John Shlonksy, President and CEO for TransFirst. “It confirms our commitment to providing enhanced data security payment solutions to our merchants and sales partners that will not only reduce the scope of EMV certification, but also save their time and resources.”

“EMV migration, security vulnerabilities at the point of sale and emerging payment methods present a wide range of challenges for merchants,” said Shan Ethridge, vice president and general manager, North America Financial Services Group, Verifone. “By certifying SCA, TransFirst helps smaller merchants connect terminals that can accept NFC, EMV and all other payment methods through an architecture that reduces the burden of EMV certification and eliminates the potential for large-scale data theft at the point of sale.”

Supports EMV And NFC-Enabled Devices
The VX 520 and VX 805 are part of Verifone’s VX line of devices that support EMV and NFC-based payments — including Apple Pay — and enable SMB merchants to enhance the shopping experience for consumers.

  • VX 520: Verifone’s countertop payment device helps merchants improve security and reduce transaction times. It supports value-added applications, such as loyalty or gift card acceptance, and features full functioning dual communication through connectivity options including dial-up and Ethernet, as well as battery capability for mobile use.
  • VX 805 PIN pad: Verifone’s contactless PIN pad that complements the VX 520 for merchants preferring a consumer-facing peripheral for mag-stripe, EMV and NFC acceptance at the POS.

Demonstration At TRANSACT 15
Visit TransFirst (Booth# 1115) at the Electronic Transaction Association’s (ETA) TRANSACT 15 to see a demonstration of the integrated SCA application, and visit Verifone (Booth# 1213) to learn more about SCA and its line of VX terminals and PIN pads.

SOURCE: Verifone