Articles From Integrated Solutions For Retailers

  1. Retail Tech Spending

    As the groundwork for enterprisewide data visibility falls into place, a game of connect-the-data dots is playing out in stores.

  2. Digital Transformation In An Omni-Channel World

    You can’t talk about innovative retail technologies without discussing digitization. Much has been written about retail’s digital transformation and what it means for the retailers who embrace it, or worse, the retailers who don’t.

  3. Three Keys To The Mobile Consumer: Strategy, Preparation, And Adoption

    As retailers struggle to execute their own mobile strategies, consumers aren’t waiting around. Here’s how to catch up with — and capitalize on — the smartphone’s influence.

  4. Cutting-Edge Supply Chain Strategies: Omni-Channel’s Next Big Thing

    Consumer expectations of a seamless omni-channel experience are reinventing the supply chain.

  5. Inside The Front-End Changes At Lowe’s

    How the Fortune 500 retailer improved the customer experience with a 50% reduction in false EAS alarms, reducing shrink and mitigating associate risk along the way.

  6. Preventing Operational Loss

    Identifying the breakdowns that cause operational loss is challenging enough. What about prevention?

  7. Employee Self-Service Impact On Labor Scheduling

    How should retailers create a schedule that caters to the customer when employees have a greater say in when they work?

  8. The Multidisciplinary Appeal Of Networked Video

    With an ever-growing list of retail stakeholders leveraging video intelligence, cloud-based, networked video is catching on rapidly.

  9. Modern Customer Analytics 101

    Why labor, merchandising, LP, and other store operations professionals are increasingly dependent on customer analytics.

  10. Closed-Loop Alerting, Surveys Drive Better Customer Experiences At Tommy Bahama

    The lifestyle retailer’s new customer experience management (CEM) tool reduced feedback response time from nearly seven days to within 24 hours.