Cross Channel Magazine

  1. Are You A Brand, Or Are You Amazon?

    If your brand is your lifeblood and you protect it as such, jumping on the marketplace bandwagon is attempted suicide.

  2. Inside 4 Game-Changing Startups

    Plug and Play Retail’s newest batch of startups commits to the customer experience with micro segmentation, loyalty, gamified mobile ads, and more.

  3. Instilling A Genius For Innovation

    Leadership and ownership are the key components necessary to drive innovation in the retail organization.

  4. New Risks, New Resources

    From cyber security to violent crime, mounting risks in retail require collaborative, innovative resource allocation.

  5. ERP Relief For Stores On Wheels

    To gain access to automated, real-time replenishment data, Mister Safety Shoes underwent a full-scale ERP overhaul that helped its mobile stores deliver the best possible customer experience.

  6. Personalized Recommendations Drive Double-Digit Conversion Lift

    One-to-one customer engagement enabled by machine learning yields a 13 percent reduction in bounce rate and a 33 percent average order value improvement at Marmot.

  7. The 2016 Mobility Special Report

    Planet Retail details how mobile technologies enable meaningful customer experiences and how retailers must evolve to keep pace.

  8. The New Currency Of ROI

    Return on investment calculations are integral to tech and operations expenditure decisions. They inform strategy, give us benchmarks to guide implementation and execution, help us stay accountable to goals, and provide the finance department with budget assurance.

  9. Inspiration From Chocolate-Fueled Innovation

    A Q&A With Matt Pillar & Lina Yang I Director, Hershey’s Advanced Technology & Foresight Lab

  10. Breaking All The Retail Rules

    Why is Hointer’s Nadia Shouraboura so hell-bent on bringing big changes to the in-store experience?

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