In-Store Merchandising Case Studies and White Papers

  1. What Your Kid’s Video Game Can Teach You About Your Business

    Seeing people on smartphones is nothing new, but by you’ve likely seen lots of folks — most of them pretty young — wandering around parks, shopping centers, libraries, and campuses staring intently at their screens. It’s all thanks to Pokemon GO, the augmented reality game that burst onto the scene in a way we haven’t seen in a long time.

  2. How Cloud Technology Will Reinvent The Role Of The Retail Store Associate

    Create a world-class store experience with mobile- and cloud-first tools for store associates.

  3. Top 3 Highest ROI Initiatives In Store Associate Mobility

    Disruption–transformation–reinvention. Buzzwords floating around as retailers, experts, and thought leaders speculate on the evolution of the physical retail store and how technology will play a role in this change. At the store-level, we’re seeing retailers experiment with beacons, kiosks, and digital displays to augment consumer’s access to product inventory and assistance.

  4. The Experience Chain: Building Your Brand Beyond The Buy

    From the moment a shopper clicks “buy,” the anticipation builds. She tracks her package from   order confirmation to shipping notifications to the moment it arrives on her doorstep. She may even share a picture of the package with her friends, comment on the retailer’s forum or watch unboxing videos online.

  5. Easter Holiday Promotional Analysis, 2014-2016

    Determining exactly when to have a sale, how long it should last, and how much to discount are recurring challenges for every retailer. One way to gain the upper hand is to have easy access to data-backed insights on your competitors’ promotional tactics at your fingertips. Such insights can reveal how your promotional calendar compares to others’, how discounting affects traffic, and how your promotions benchmark against competitors’.

  6. The Retail Doc Weighs In: A Prescription For In-Store Success

    We’re excited for Bob Phibbs — the acclaimed speaker, writer, and CEO of the Retail Doctor, a New York-based retail consultancy — to be in Chicago later this week, where he will deliver the keynote speech at this year’s Retail Summit.

  7. Using Deep Learning To Predict Foot Traffic In Retail

    DeepMind – an artificial intelligence (AI) company that Google acquired in 2014 – recently garnered headlines with its groundbreaking AI achievement. DeepMind succeeded in creating a machine learning program, called AlphaGo, that recently crushed one of the one of the world’s top players, Lee Sedol, at an ancient strategic board game called “Go.”

  8. Driving Employee Engagement Through Human Capital Management Solutions

    Savvy retailers know that an engaged workforce is key to driving customer satisfaction, operational performance, and ultimately, business success. In a recent examination of human capital trends, 85 percent of executives identified employee engagement as an important or very important priority for their organizations. But according to Gallup, only 26 percent of retail employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs.

  9. Retailers’ Guide To Understanding Advanced Guest Wi-Fi

    The ubiquity of the smartphone, which in the US has more than tripled since 2010, has had an enormous impact on retailers and how they interact with their customers. One of the most significant retail trends created by the mobile era is customer demand for free Wi-Fi.

  10. How Secure Is Security-as-a-Service?

    Innovative Retail Technologies caught up with Hedgie Bartol, business development manager for retail at Axis Communications, about Security-as-a-Service and whether it is beneficial to retailers of all sizes. Bartol addresses cloud-based security and how secure it really is.