In-Store Merchandising Case Studies and White Papers

  1. Top 5 Discoveries From The 2015 Holiday Shopping Season

    The busy holiday season is behind us and consumers have probably finished up the last of their holiday returns. But for retailers it’s a slightly different story. Although the holidays have ended, retailers are gathering data, analyzing what strategies were successful, and are already thinking about the 2016 holiday season.

  2. Shoptalk On Building The New Retail Community

    IRT spoke with Anil Aggarwal, founder of Shoptalk — a new event that’s getting an incredible amount of industry attention — about what retailers can expect to gain from attending the show. Anil founded Money20/20 (the world’s largest consumer payments event with over 10,000 attendees in just its fourth year) as well as two tech companies with successful exits, including one sold to Google in 2012 for more than $200m. He’s also an angel and venture capital investor.

  3. 5 Ways To Improve The In-Store Experience

    Find out how to drive conversion and increase sales at your store

  4. Beyond Mobile: Exploring Complementary Technologies For Omni-Channel Strategies

    The pressure to create an integrated shopping experience in support of omni-channel retail strategies is very real. But there is no “finish line” when it comes to omni-channel success. It’s not just a matter of creating the right experience, it’s a matter of creating a better experience than the guys down the street…and sustaining it.

  5. Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Drives Efficiency And Cost Savings With Integrated Workforce Ready Platform

    Located on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevadas, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, LLC is the leading four-season mountain resort in California and the third most frequented ski resort in the U.S. The company owns and operates a variety of resort businesses including recreation, hospitality, real estate development, and retail, and manages a workforce that fluctuates from 800 to 2500 employees depending on the season. Download this case study to learn how Mammoth uses Workforce Ready to hire, track, and manage its full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees more efficiently and cost-effectively.

  6. Justin’s Field Activation Team Spreads Brand Awareness

    Justin’s®, a nut butter and peanut butter cup manufacturer, uses GoSpotCheck to run its field activation team, collect data points surrounding demos and evaluate product launches.

  7. Breaking Down The Methodology Behind Price Optimization And Becoming A Price Expert

    According to a 2015 study from RSR Research, 60% of retailers consider price optimization “very valuable” but only 34% of retailers have deployed a solution and are satisfied with the results. It’s taken more than 15 years for the industry to come around to this thinking, and as more retailers choose to deploy a pricing solution, they must keep in mind that pricing is a process and one that can be critical to organization’s success or failure.

  8. Workforce Management Solutions For The Touch Screen Generation

    Customers and employees are smarter and more demanding than ever. And today’s current generation of associates expect a work environment that is digital and “smart.” In terms of workforce management (labor scheduling, time and attendance, and task management), that means solutions that run on smart phones and mobile devices are a prerequisite for retailers.

  9. An Effective Order Management System Is A Must For Ecommerce Success In 2016

    A robust order and inventory management system is essential for omni-channel commerce today. Without a powerful system, one that supports “the buy anywhere, fulfill from anywhere and return anywhere” strategy, your business isn’t going to succeed.

  10. Clicks Over Bricks: Profiling The Heavy Online Holiday Shopper

    It’s not news that more consumers are trading in the in-store holiday shopping experience for the convenience of online shopping. In-store Black Friday sales were flat this year while Cyber Monday sales beat forecasts, making it the largest online sales day in history. This trend doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon, so it’s important for retailers to keep track of who is doing their holiday shopping online and how online shoppers’ profiles are changing.